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Friday, April 10, 2015

Items of POWER I'd want to get my hands on | The Friday Five

The Friday 5 is a feature I started earlier this year, as my sort of take on a top list, and a quick way to chat with you guys about some of the random things I want to talk to you about. For today's 5, in honor of Fairy Tale Fortnight, I thought we'd talk about the five magical fairy tale items I'd want to be able to use, at least once. I'd definitely be curious to hear what some of yours are in the comments, and if you have any topics you'd like to see on The Friday 5, let me know!

But in no particular order, here are mine:

A magic lamp. I mean, genies are known to be tricksy things, so it doesn't always work out in favor of those who rub their lamps, which sounds like such a smarmy innuendo, I never want to utter those words again... Having the wishes would be cool, and all, but I'd also just like to sit and chat with a genie, have a never-ending supply of drinks that make us just drunk enough for him to tell me stories of the stupid wishes people have made, but not so drunk that things go south and/or we end up hungover...

Seven-league boots. You'll be hearing more about these in my final vlog of FTF, but I've always been fascinated by the seven league boots. They're not the most practical for every day use, of course, but can you imagine just being able to take a stroll across Europe, say, and literally stroll all the way across Europe? Like, Hmm, I'm fancying a nice cafe au lait, let's take a nice walk on over to Paris; what shall we have for lunch, wanna hop on over to Istanbul and see what smells good? You know, I think I'd like to go see the Colosseum after dinner, better put on my boots... Best. Vacation. Ever.

The Evil Queen's mirror. I don't see myself really wanting to use this one out of anything more than idle curiosity. Spying on people is super creepy, and I'm not sure how targeted the requests can be (can I see into anywhere, at any time?), or if it only spies on the prettiest young girl of the land. (Major creep ick factor.) But once, to see how it works, or what it's capable of? That could be interesting.

The cloak of invisibility from The Twelve Dancing Princesses. But like Dumbledore warned, this could be addicting. (But so cool!) The shoes the princesses wear could be fun for a night, too.

and lastly, a selkie skin. I feel really bad about this one, because dude, that's someone's skin. BUT it would be pretty damn neat to be able to put on a selkie skin and then go frolicking in the ocean for an afternoon.

So what are some of the magical fairy tale items you'd like to try out, or even spells you'd like to fall under?

If you're wondering who the winner of last week's Face Off is -- there isn't one! (Yet.) Voting is still open, and the winner will be announced in next week's FFO.
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  1. Seven league boots all the way! Especially if I could cross an ocean with them- no more airplanes! And a gingerbread house, mostly just for themed parties. And the goose that laid the golden eggs, because then I could quit my job (but I'd have to be careful not to crash the economy). And Little Red's cloak, if it actually protected me against predators.

  2. I'd love to have a flying carpet. Use it to go grocery shopping and just generally run around town on it. Even better, I wouldn't need a garage, just roll it up and take it inside with me!


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