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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Beauty and the Beat, Cinderoncé & Once Upon a Crime | parodies

Ohhhhhhh, isn't this a hot mess? Who would name their firstborn Blue Ivy?

Saved some of my favorite fairy tale parodies for last. These all come from Todrick Hall, who does THE BEST musical parodies* and fairy tale mashups, IMO. Fans of youtube personalities and/or RuPaul's Drag Race will probably recognize a number of faces in these, and fans of American Idol or Faking It will recognize Belle in this first video, Beauty & the Beat. It's a perfect little musical number of Belle's life in the 'hood, blithely going about her day, in a parody of the dancing-and-singing-all-about-the-village scene all BatB lovers will recognize.

[Note: Todrick has added in annotations to merch on all of his videos, that obnoxiously block a good portion of what's going on. To turn them off, click the "settings gear" in the bottom right and set annotations to off.]

One of his more elaborate -- and brilliantly plotted -- is this mashup of Cinderella and various Beyoncé songs -- who knew so many of them would work so damn well in a fairy tale? (You can find more of these fun bits of genius in this playlist, and sprinkled throughout Toddy's channel.)

Lastly, there's a series of videos called Once Upon a Crime, a parody court show in which princesses sue one another. (My favorite might be Cinderella vs. Snow White, because the Cindy in this version is Willam Belli, who is just my fave. But note: it is definitely NSFW!) But today, we'll stick with the first in the series, Cinderella vs. Mizz Thang ofthesea err, Ariel...

Fun stuff.

* See: Cell Block Django for one of my favorites
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