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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Fairy Tale-ish: Fairy Tales Around the Interwebs

I try to always do a round-up of fairy tale-ish* things I've come across on the web in the intervening year between Fairy Tale Fortnight events; my bookmarks list grows exponentially in that time, until I can finally clear it out and point you in the direction of some of the fairy tale things you may have missed.
So this is that...

And honestly, I don't know if I can even fit it in one post this year. 2014 was a banner year for fairy tale/Disney  princess parodies, quizzes, artworks and who know s what. I do have more video posts held back that I'll be sharing with you individually, because a) to many videos in 1 post would be bananas, and b) they're too funny to pass up.  But gathered for you here are some of my other favorite posts and quizzes and what not of the last year or so of Interwebby Fairy Tales.

* HuffPo listed 10 fairy tales they thought should get more recognition, including Vasilisa the Fair, Bluebeard and even a couple I hadn't heard of.

* Buzzfeed showcased what Disney prinesses would look like, if they actually looked their age, including a spotty Snow White and this glorious pissed-off-at-the-world Jasmine.

Buzzfeed has kind of got the market corned on the princess front, actually, so they also drew the cartoons according to science, with terrifying results, and gave us some pretty spot-on Disney snapchats. (I found their census to be so-so and inconsistent, tbh, but their sassy villain comebacks gif list is a post I can get behind.) They also asked some important questions left unanswered by Cinderella, which, given today's Tea Chat, I clearly agree with...

They also highlighted this Fifty Shades / Frozen mash-up that is both hilarious and highly disturbing.

You'll be seeing plenty more from Buzzfeed this FTF, because they've been killing it on the video front, and I have some I want to share with you, but we'll start with this piece of brilliance...

* Bustle highlighted a list of their favorite YA retellings of classic tales, which is something I'd imagine most of you will appreciate. ~_^

* And Trend Hunter spotlighted the work of artist Emmanuel Viola, who gave interpretations of characters as what is being called hipster, but their tatted-up rockabilly vibe doesn't quite gel with that, imo.

* The Mary Sue shared this Oh My Disney parody of OneRepublic's Counting Stars, transformed as Counting SCARS, and sung -- to hilarious effect -- by Disney villains.

* BoredPanda showcased the art of Na Young Wu's east-meets-west take on classic European tales, and the artwork is ZOMG *heart eyes emoji*
* NPR took a moment to talk about how much worse fairy tales started out, what with the cannibalism and the incest, and what not, and HuffPo talked about some of the true stories that may have inspired the tales.

* And on the quiz front, you can find out what "twisted" princess you are (ie if you were a rigid princess who SNAPPED, who would you horribly, horribly kill and how), or if that's not your think, you can find out just what plain ole normcore character you are.
(I'm Twisted Cinderella and Elsa, if you were wondering.)

And as I said, there's more coming, so keep an eye out! And if you've come across any bits of fairy tale goodness lately, let me know in the comments!

*On the internet, "fairy tale" often gets conflated with "Disney" so...just deal with it, I guess. Still finny.
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  1. Found something awesome, though more "ooooh shiny" than LULZ: Historically accurate Disney Princesses. https://youtu.be/c3Fr5wUZL2A

  2. And another, along the lines of one you posted before...: https://youtu.be/7oVKsnvGtOE


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