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Thursday, August 1, 2013

July Rewind & August TBR vlogs!

Alrighty, it's the beginning of a shiny new month (one that will soon be filled with JANE), and that can mean only one thing: it's vlog time! Here are my August TBR and July Rewind vlogs, respectively. Take a look (or skim the lists, if you don't want to hear me talk), and then let me know what you think of what I read and plan to read in the comments!
And if you've done a TBR or wrap-up vlog, leave me a link and I'll come check it out!

Also, I think my house may be haunted... You'll see what I mean...

Anyway, here's my TBR for August. It's a light one, and I'm certainly hoping to read more than this, but I'm not going to count on it, because much of my time this month will be dedicated to Austen in August.
(Which, if you're curious, info can be found on here: http://www.thebookrat.com/2013/06/austen-in-august-ii-invitation.html)

Check out what I thought of my July reads here.

Among the Janeites | Deborah Yaffe
Mansfield Park (from this set) | Jane Austen
Austentatious | Alyssa Goodnight
Pride & Prejudice, U Star version
The Fairest of Them All | Carolyn Turgeon
and then if I have time, I'll dig into the ALA stack and recent random gets. =)

And onto the Rewind. If you want to skip around to specific book-mentions, the times for each are listed below. =)

(0:20) Antigoddess | Kendare Blake
(2:21) Outside the Spotlight | Sophie Weeks
(3:32) Impulse & Initiative | Abigail Reynolds
(5:34) First Impressions and Second Glances | Alexa Adams
(7:51) There Must Be Murder | Margaret C. Sullivan
(9:10) Yours Affectionately, Jane Austen | Sally Smith O'Rourke
(11:45) Mansfield Park | Jane Austen
(12:09) Among the Janeites | Deborah Yaffe
(12:31) The Immortal Highlander | Karen Marie Moning


  1. Looking forward to Austen in August!

  2. I'm kind of kicking myself for ignoring the blog tour email for Fairest of Them All. But by the time I got to it it had been a few days and I suck with keeping up with blog tours but I really like the premise behind it. And good luck with your Austen in August reading! I feel so shamed when I come here and I think on how I've never read an Austen book, let alone a classic period. *hides*

  3. Ash. Asher. ASHER M. KNIGHT THE THIRD (okay, now I'm just making shit up); I can forgive that you haven't read any Jane - lots of people haven't, and that means I know what to push on you.
    BUT WHAT DO YOU MEAN, you've never read ANY classics? How is that - I can't - is that even possible?
    'Splain, pls.

  4. Yay Austen in August! Boo, I will miss a whole entire week! Very intrigued about Among the Janeites - love books that prove I'm not crazy and alone in my love for Jane. :)


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