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Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Face Off: Snow White vs. Sleeping Beauty

Heading into FTF, my initial thought was to just suspend Friday Face Off for the time being. It was just one more post, and I was afraid it'd get lost in all the mayhem anyway. But then I thought, well, might as well do it and just use fairy tale book covers. And I was going to. I was going to, but then I thought, well, maybe some fairy tale characters could throw down...
So today, we've got a couple of princess-types from similar backgrounds facing off: Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. Sure, they're both known for their beauty (I mean, the stories revolve around it...), and they've both been in enchanted sleeps, to be woken by a (creepy, imo) kiss. They've both had their time in the Disney spotlight (repeatedly), and if you go to their origins, they've both had some serious cray to overcome (what with one being abused by her mother, who wants to eat her heart, and the other being raped in her enchanted sleep by a man whose mother wants to eat her children, so... yay, cannibalism, I guess).  But for all their similarities, I don't think you'd confuse one for the other.
But who would win in a Face Off? The criteria's up to you: coolest, best adaptations, best original story, who'd win in a literal fight - totally up to you.  Let me know in the comments who you're voting for & why, 'cause I wanna know:
Who's the better passed-out princess?*

*Don't take this to a creepy place, you know what I mean.

Last Week on FFO: The US and UK versions of Maggie Stiefvater's The Scorpio Races went (horse) head to head, and though it was a tight race (with some write-in votes for the US paperback, which, omg yes!), the US ended up managing to barely snag the win.
Winner ------->

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  1. Hmm. They both have a complete lack of stranger danger fear. What, come into my garden or forest while I'm singing completely alone and then start dancing/singing with me and proclaim your love? Who the crap are you!? Get out of my garden/forest. Oh wait, maybe I'll instalove with you instead.

    The two of them alone in a fight would cancel each other out, so I'll go by their side kicks. Fairies vs dwarves. The fairies could magic away anything the dwarves tried to do, so that's just another stand off. So on to the princes. Philip gets a name, doesn't wear lipstick, and slays a DRAGON. So he wins for Sleeping Beauty.

    Also, wow, if I had seen the paperback of Scorpio Races last week, I don't know if I would have been able to decide.

  2. I totally agree about not taking this to a creepy place, but you *did* bring up the Sun, Moon, and Talia version of Sleeping Beauty. :) There's an old Scottish version of Snow White (Gold-Tree and Silver-Tree) that has it's own icky twist (polygamy). And, if we look between the lines of these two ick versions, there's a factor we need to include in this throw-down: allies. Sleeping Beauty may start out with a loving family, but she winds up alone and really only makes friends with her new man. Which makes sense, because a lot of us would rather just be really well known by one person who loves us. However, Snow White makes new friends. She builds up a network of people who love and support her, wherever she winds up, and gets these people to defend her and think for her and go to bat for her.

    If these two princesses are going to face off, one of them is going to have a much bigger, much more fierce team of people fighting for her. I'd take down Sleeping Beauty on my own, but I can totally see why the evil queen in Snow White thought to get rid of her quietly...

  3. Sleeping Beauty withouy a doubt!

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