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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Interview: Laura Lond, author of My Sparkling Misfortune

Today we welcome Laura Lond, author of the Lakeland Knight series, to Fairy Tale Fortnight.  The first 2 books in the Lakeland Knight series, My Sparkling Misfortune and My Royal Pain Quest are both available now on Amazon and iTunes.  You can find Laura online here!

What do you make of the resurgence in popularity for fairy tales? (Once Upon a Time, Grimm, Mirror Mirror, Snow White and the Huntsmen, all within a very short time)? Do you see it as a trend that will sort of peter out, or is it just getting started?
I think it reflects the people’s longing for something miraculous, as well as for justice. While there are certainly many readers who prefer realistic literature and movies, the majority of us seem to miss the childhood joy brought by stories that have the element of wonder. Deep inside, people feel that there’s got to be more to life than just going to work, going home, doing chores, eating, sleeping, and going to work again. Also, it doesn’t take very long to realize that we live in a messed up, unfair world. People want justice and hope. They long for stories where things are set right, evil is punished, and good prevails.

I don’t think it’s a new trend, perhaps just another popularity wave. It might seem to go down with time, but the overall love for fairy tales will always remain.

What inspired My Sparkling Misfortune?
My Sparkling Misfortune is the result of my life-long fascination with fairytales, knights, kings, princes, princesses, castles, -- and villains. Lord Arkus had entered my world and insisted that his story needed to be told. I did not see it all at the beginning, but one thing was clear: he was a villain who wanted a chance. So, together with the kind-hearted Jarvi, I gave it to him.

What impact do you think fairy tales have on society (especially with the same tales popping up in various forms in every society)?
I think they give people hope and help to build character.

Book in a Tweet: My Sparkling Misfortune in 140 characters or less?
Funny villain wants to be bad, fails.

Favorite fairy tale: 
The Chronicles of Narnia.

Most underrated fairy tale?
Disney’s Gummi Bears. While the show was quite popular in its time and still has some loyal fans today, it seems to be mostly forgotten, and it’s such a shame. It’s a great story with great characters. I would love to see Disney go back to it and make it into a movie.

Gummi Bears!!  Oh man, that takes me back...
Ahem, back to the task at hand - Most overrated fairy tale?
At the risk of offending its numerous fans, I have to say The Princess Bride. It’s not a bad story, it is actually quite decent - but I don’t see how it qualifies to be a classic it is often proclaimed to be. It didn’t grip me and didn’t get stuck in my head and heart for months, as truly great stories do.

Last year we asked everyone’s fairy tale hero/heroine name; this year, we want to know your fairy tale villain name:
Lord Arkus, also known as Arkus the fearsome of the Dreaded Lord.

Using that name, give us a line from your villainous fairy tale:
“Yes, you have guessed it: I am a villain. What? You wanted a noble hero?... Well, tough. You’ve got the wrong book, then.” -- Lord Arkus.

If a genie granted you 3 wishes, what would they be?
1. The ability to heal
2. The ability to enter fairy tales worlds and travel through them
3. The ability to change my appearance (just for fun)

Best way to read fairy tales? (ie location, snacks, etc)
In a cozy armchair near a fireplace, with a cat purring nearby.

If one of your books was being turned into a movie and you could cast 1 character, which character would you cast and who would play them?
I envision My Sparkling Misfortune and the rest of the series as a Shrek-like production. If that ever happens, I would love for Lord Arkus to be voiced by A.T.Chandler who worked on the audiobook edition of the series. He gave Lord Arkus just the right voice, capturing his character, humor, and personality perfectly.

Thanks for stopping by, Laura!
If you want to know more about My Sparkling Misfortune, make sure to stop by this excerpt!

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  1. Awesome interview!

    I love your answer to the first question. I totally agree.

    I adore Narnia!

    OMG I looooooved the Gummi Bears *signing the theme song*

  2. Most overrated fairy tale the Princess Bride? Totally.

    I loved your interview and I can't wait to get my hands on a copy!


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