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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Coming Attraction: Snow White and the Huntsman

Okay, so.
Yes, I'm definitely going to see this.  And yes, I am dubious about some things (like a certain someone who shall remain Kristen Stewart nameless); but I'm willing to be convinced.  I'm willing to let them win me over, and I feel like, if Charlize Theron has signed on, it's bound to be good.  And damned if it doesn't seem like she's going to make an excellent wicked queen, no?

Who else is heading for the theaters when this comes out?
Who's waiting for the DVD?

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  1. I will probably wait until it hits DVD, unless my brothers are willing to watch it with me. Either way KS better bring her A game or I will walk out/eject the DVD. I was so disappointed by The Runaways......

  2. I have to admit...I think the trailer for this one looks fantastic...but I was so bummed to find Kristen Stewart in it. I know it's a question of personal taste (one we apparently share), but to me, I've yet to see her act in anything that didn't make me cringe. I'll be interested to read some of the reviews when they start cropping up.

  3. Yay I want to go see it too! I'm hoping Kristen Stewart has developed more as an actress, but the trailer looks Amazing :DD *excited

  4. I definitely want to see it in theatres. Despite who is in it, although I haven't seen enough movies with any of them in it to pass my own judgements on their ability to act...

  5. I am soooo gonna try to see this one in the theater.

  6. I'll see it because of what I write. Interesting visual effects in the trailer, but I'm sometimes wary that those represent smoke-and-mirrors strategy to mask a weak story. We'll see....

  7. Oh I'm seeing it in the theater!

  8. I am definitely going to see this in theaters! Seems like Kristen's fan base is dropping... I didn't much like her in the twilight movies, and when I saw she was in this, I was just lost -___- BUT!!! Charlize Theron ??? Chris Hemsworth ??? bound to be an amazing movie!! So, despite a certain someone, I think the movie will be good :)

  9. I am so excited about this movie! I plan on being there opening weekend! (in my dreams) But every time I see a trailer, I ask myself, in what universe is Kristen Steward prettier than Charlize Theon???

  10. Oooo...I got goose bumps...may have to go and see "Thor" as the Huntsman and I agree-ah-Charlize is fairest of them all!

  11. Maybe Kristen Stewart is a cyborg with only one face and can't make any other expression but the one she always wears. In any case, I'm hoping to ignore her and enjoy the movie in the theater. I think I want the big screen effect!



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