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Sunday, April 15, 2012

CLOSED FTF Giveaway Form

Hey folks!  This is where you enter to win giveaways for Fairy Tale Fortnight.  Please note: you only have to fill this form out once during the entire event.  Then, on the individual giveaways, you will simply comment or follow the entry rules for that giveaway (ie: answer in the comments with the name of your favorite fairy tale).  (You do still have to enter the individual giveaways! Filling out this form is only step 1)

If you do not fill out this form, you will not be entered in any giveaways, no matter how many you comment on!  So make sure to fill out the form, it's our only way of keeping track of you!

This form serves two purposes: it means less work for all of us down the road, and it also protects your information - please do not put any personal, sensitive information in the comments of any of the giveaways or posts!

Good luck, and enjoy Fairy Tale Fortnight!!

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