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Monday, April 23, 2012

CLOSED Giveaway: Shadows on the Moon

Shadows on the Moon by Zoë Marriott
464 pages
Expected publication: April 24th 2012 by Candlewick Press
Trained in the magical art of shadow-weaving, sixteen-year-old Suzume is able to re-create herself in any form - a fabulous gift for a girl desperate to escape her past. But who is she really? Is she a girl of noble birth living under the tyranny of her mother's new husband, Lord Terayama? Or a lowly drudge scraping a living in the ashes of Terayama's kitchens? Or is she Yue, the most beautiful courtesan in the Moonlit Lands? Whatever her true identity, Suzume is destined to use her skills to steal the heart of a prince in a revenge plot to destroy Terayama. And nothing will stop her, not even the one true aspect of her life- her love for a fellow shadow-weaver.

Thanks to the awesome people at Candlewick, I have a finished copy Shadows on the Moon to giveaway to one lucky winner in celebration of the US release!
To enter*, leave a comment with why you want to read Shadows on the Moon OR tell us who your favorite fairy tale villain is (just because!)
+1 for spreading the word
US only
Ends May 5th

Don't forget to leave  Zoë some love on her interview!

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  1. This books sounds GREAT. I mean, I would love to be able to recreate myself all the time. I would be someone different everyday!
    My favorite fairy tale villain is SNOW WHITE'S STEPMOTHER! She is evil & vain to her core!

  2. I'm so interested in reading this one! I can't wait! I'm always intrigued by the evil queen/stepmother figure in fairy tales. First of all, my gender studies background wants to have a field day with it, but I always feel like there has to be more to their story than just their evilness and greed. I always want to find out how they got that way.

  3. I want to read this book because you made it sound so amazing in your favorite fairy tale youtube video! I also majored in Japanese in college so it would be cool to read about a Japanese Cinderella.

    Plus, my favorite fairy tale villain is probably the "wicked stepmother" anyway.

  4. The first mention I heard of this one was through you, Misty. It sounds fantastic and I'm really interested in seeing how this author retells Cinderella.

  5. I'd really like to read "Shadow" because I'm curious about how dark Cinderella can get...

    Favorite Fairy Tale villian? Probably the witch from Hansel and Gretel.

  6. I want to read Shadows on the Moon because I really love the cover! Thanks for the giveaway!

    ~Paige @ Comfort Books

  7. This is another one I'm going to want to reread. I read it through NetGalley and it is so flipping good!

    Also, best villain is totally Ursula from The Little Mermaid Disney version. She is terrifying.

  8. The Evil Queen from Snow White....so creepy!!!

  9. I have wanted to read Shadows on the Moon for ever. My favorite fairy tale villain is hard to pin down. I love all of the villains, but right now, I'd have to say Beast from Beauty and the Beast (he can be counted as a villain, right?). Beauty doesn't go through that much character development in the story, but Beast goes through a ton. In fairy tales, which are often lacking in development, Beast is a refreshing character. And I would argue he is both a villain and a hero.

  10. This book sounds amazing! I think I've heard of it before but didn't know what it was about.

    My favorite Disney fairy tale movie villain is Maleficent. She is so elegantly bad. :)

  11. Oops and here's the link to my tweet: https://twitter.com/#!/kangaru/status/194470466008793089


  12. I want to read this book because Cinderella is probably my favorite fairy tale. It always goes back and forth between Cinderella and Princess & the Pea.

  13. The cover alone is enough to draw me in. Story sounds great. Fav villain, prob, the wicked stepmother from Snow White.

  14. I like the evil stepmother in Snow White. I would love to read this book. It sounds very good. Tore923@aol.com

  15. Oh this one sounds great! It's already on my wishlist...

    My favorite fairy tale villain is the sea-witch in the Little Mermaid. (Although I know in some versions she's not the villain... that's the fun of fairy tales, right?) I love Ursula, in the Disney version, more than any of the other characters in the movie.

  16. I'd love to read this! It sounds so unlike anything I've read before. I'm sure it's a great book

  17. I'd love to read this book because I'm a sucker for any Cinderella retelling. That plus feudal Japan? Sign me up!!

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  18. This look looks amazing and don't we all wish we could become someone else. As far as villians in fairy tales mine would have to be malefecint fron snow white so evil yet so beautiful and regal a true master of darkness

  19. I have read a few really good reviews for this book and I think it sounds really good!!! My favorite fairy tale villain is the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz!!!

  20. I really want to read this book. While I was reading your blog post of the synopsis by heart did that little flip-flop thing and I knew that I had to hear the rest of Suzume's story.

  21. My favorite fairy tale villain is Susan Sarandon's character from Enchanted! She does such an amazing job and I love that movie!
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    lexie.bookbug at gmail dot com

  22. It would have to be disneys Maleficent. I remember in Sleeping beauty when she said from the powers of hell. I freaked out. I was a protected child.

  23. I want this book b/c I love the multicultural aspect of this book, and the premise sounds fantastic.

  24. Everything about this book screams of awesomeness that it's actually kind of hard for me to put into words why I want to read this book. The many faces of Suzume sounds really intriguing. A quick peek at Barnes and Noble says this book takes place in an alternate feudal Japan and that makes this book even more of a must read to me.

    - Jackie G @ Books & Tea

  25. Best villain? The big bad wolf, hands down.

  26. All the witches in any fairy tale its really hard to pick onebc they all have there moments

  27. Maleficent scared me out of my kiddy pjs when I was younger in Sleeping Beauty and I think I still like her because she was the first to evoke such fear in me XD

  28. I had this one HIGHLY recommended to me, and I simply love fairy tales. I can't wait to read it!


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