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Monday, April 30, 2012

Interview: Regina Doman, author of the A Fairy Tale Retold series

For my last interview of this year's FTF, I have Regina Doman, author of the A Fairy Tales Retold series.  Make sure you stop by Books from Bleh to Basically Amazing to enter to win your choice of one of the titles!

What do you make of the resurgence in popularity for fairy tales? (Once Upon a Time, Grimm, Mirror Mirror, Snow White and the Huntsmen, all within a very short time)? Do you see it as a trend that will sort of peter out, or is it just getting started?
 Hard to say: fairy tales, so called, touch the universal root in the human heart, so I think they'll always be coming back around. What impact do you think fairy tales have on society (especially with the same tales popping up in various forms in every society)? Above all they seem to exist to give hope. They promise joy, they promise justice, they promise a meaning to events in life that may seem so twisted or futile.

Book in a Tweet: Your fairy tale in 140 characters or less?
(minus title) Alex O'Donnell & the 40 Cyberthieves: a fairy tale retold Sudden wealth on the Web! Mysterious murder via gamesite. Hotel cleaning girl nabs 39 known cyberthieves. Most dangerous one still at large.

Favorite fairy tale: Snow White and Rose Red: I own the domain. :) I based my first book on it.

Most underrated fairy tale? Probably the same. I credit Madge Miller for the slight changes that made it a more cohesive story, which she used in her stage version. Her changed version inspired my version.

Most overrated fairy tale? Probably Cinderella, the most popular one. But it must fill some need in the human psyche, or we wouldn't keep telling it.

Last year we asked everyone’s fairy tale hero/heroine name; this year, we want to know your fairy tale villain name:
Regina Doman. That's because I base all the villains off of myself. Seriously, I do. But if you want the individual names -- Shadow of the Bear: Edward Freet (the evil dwarf of Snow White and Rose Red)Black as Night: Elaine Fairston/"Bonnie" (Snow White's evil queen and her "witch" incarnation -- Elaine is literally my middle name)Waking Rose: Hmmm, can't give it away. But my "heavy" is Dr. Prosser. There's also Donna Stetter. The Midnight Dancers: Michael ComusAlex O'Donnell: 40 Cyberthieves, mostly unnamed. Plus Alex's nasty Uncle Cass.

Using that name, give us a line from your villainous fairy tale:
But Uncle Cass went for the jugular. "A loan for over one million dollars?" He leered, dangling the left-behind bank receipt in front of his brother's face. "I don't think so." It was all there: the savings account clearly showed the balance as well as the withdrawal. A balance of over a million dollars. Uncle Cass leaned in closer. "Now quit lying to me and show me how you got this money. Or I'm making a call to the office, and you're behind bars."

 If a genie granted you 3 wishes, what would they be?
1. Dark chocolate! And complete hardcover pocket editions of all Shakespeare's plays and Joseph Pearce's commentaries.
2. Mortgage paid off.
3. Quaint stone bridge built across our pond to hide the neighbor's drainage pipe. (A genie could figure out how to properly sink the concrete footers. Plus he could landscape it too.)

Best way to read fairy tales? (ie location, snacks, etc)
By the fireplace, with dark chocolate and nice cup of tea. Preferably on rainy/snowy day. Illustrated editions a plus.

If one of your books was being turned into a movie and you could cast 1 character, which character would you cast and who would play them?
Um. Jon Voight as Mr. Freet if it was Shadow of the Bear. For Uncle Cass, I would love to get Joe Pantoliano mainly because I love watching him act.

Thanks for stopping by, Regina!
Now, for the rest of you, head over to Ashley's blog to enter to win one of the A Fairy Tale Retold  books!  (It'll be up sometime today!)

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  1. +JMJ+

    Oh, I love Regina Doman! You have no idea how hard I'm fangirling right now . . . !

    It seems a bit odd to say this about her faerie tale retellings, but the only description I can think of for them is: original.

  2. Awesome interview! I *adore* fairy tale retellings, but have never met Regina's books before. I plan to rectify that. :D

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