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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bookperk: Get Abandon free w/ Roses & Bones

I know I just shared a Bookperk deal with you a couple of days ago, and I promise this isn't going to become an endless pushing of Bookperk, but this is another one that was just too good not to share with you

Receive Meg Cabot's New Book Abandon for FREE, with the Purchase ofRoses and Bones by Acclaimed Author Francesca Lia Block

!!!  How awesome is that?  And - AND - it's under $10!  I was planning on getting Abandon anyway, so this means I will definitely be getting it!  I know I keep saying I need to buy fewer books, but can't pass this up.

You can get it here, but I wouldn't wait too long - the offer expires in just a few weeks! <--- looks like it sold out within hours! :(


  1. Oh no! I just went there and it's telling me that the deal expired over 18 hours ago. :(

  2. They must have sold out and ended it early. Hopefully they'll bring it back, because I missed it too. I had planned on sitting down and ordering it later tonight. :(

  3. So sad I missed this! What a great offer!

  4. When I looked today they said April 20th! I missed it too! Thanks for turning me on to this great site. I signed up for the email and get a great deal at least once a week, IF I ACT ON IT QUICK ENOUGH!



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