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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Color me squee

...because Gail Carriger made some announcements recently about her "Secret Project F" that has been hanging out at the bottom of each of her blog posts, teasing readers with the promise of some new delight.

She finally tells us a bit about this four book YA series in her blog post entitled In Which a New Series is Set Afloat:
The Finishing School Series is set in the same world as The Parasol Protectorate series, only 25 years earlier, and features a finishing academy located in a giant caterpillar-like dirigible floating over Dartmoor in which young ladies are taught to . . . finish . . . everything . . . and everyone . . . as needed. There will be steampunk etiquette! There will be well-dressed espionage! There will be Victorian fake food. There will be flying mechanical sausage dogs named Bumbersnoot. I am excited. The first book will come out in 2012. And I am writing it . . . next.

YA + boarding school + Victorian steampunk + the brain behind Soulless = WIN.


  1. So excited about this new series as I wait patiently for Changeless to come out.

  2. This sounds awesome! Also, I really need to read Parasol Protectorate *chagrin*

  3. Totally excited!!! Thanks for the info!!! WOOOT!


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