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Thursday, March 24, 2011

In which there are 6 Winnahs; or, The perks of following instructions...

The Alice in WhoLand card giveaway ended yesterday, and of the 20 or so people who entered, only 6 followed directions.  6.  Well, actually only 4, but 2 of them I'm giving some wiggle room, as I they only oopsed a tiny bit, and I understood why.  But the rest kind of baffled me.

So, to reward those who actually follow directions (and because I felt silly picking 2 winners out of SIX), I am sending Alice prizes to all six.

So if your prizes are slightly delayed (especially the gal who lives in Greece), it's because I am making enough to go around. Some of you will get the greeting cards shown, and some of you will get other things, but you're all getting something.  :)

In no particular order, the six winners are:
Kimmie, Nola
and Christie



  1. yay to the winnahs!
    and thanks to the PiRat for making an appearance in WhoLand ;-D

    looking forward to seeing more of ya! possibly in the merry month of may?


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