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Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Face Off: The Forest of Hands and Teeth v. Never Knowing

With the cover for Wolfsbane out (which has a thorny vine snaking across the main character's face), I'm thinking that maybe this is the new trend in "edgy" YA covers?  Thorns in the face = danger....
What say you?  Do we like this trend?  Have you seen more instances of branches in the face?
Which of these books does it better?

Last Week on FFO: It was a really close race (Through the woods.  In a ball gown.), but The Vespertine just barely eked out a win.  Most of you liked the rich colors of The Vespertine, and the fact that you could see all of the dress.  Though I like that cover, I'm with the people who chose Dark Angel -- the splash of red against all that grayscale livened it up and made it a little ominous, and I loved the cropping and the way the title was worked in.  And when I looked closer, The Vespertine looked a little more photoshopped -- like I could see the outline of the girl and where she was placed on the background.
Oh well, still pretty.  And still a winnah ---->


  1. The first one, because we get to see the face better. :)

  2. This one is tough! The pointy branches on the Never Knowing cover give off a sense of danger. But, I still get that from The Forest of Hands and Teeth Cover, and it shows off more about the character, so TFoHaT is the winner in my book.

  3. I would have to with Forest of Hands...it's a cleaner image, and since I've read the book, it feels like it fits really well with the story.

  4. ok, will go for forest of hands. but you know, i liked the hardcover version better.

  5. Never Knowing! I'm not much of a fan of the font or how bizarrely the branch is positioned on the cover model for The Forest of Hands and Teeth. I much prefer the font and mysteriously blurry cover model for Never Knowing.

  6. I definitely prefer the Forest of Hands and Teeth.

    I understand what Never Knowing is doing-- creating mystery about the out of focus face in the background, but I'm not buying into it. I'm just staring at the sticks. TO me, Forest of Hands and Teeth has me more curious about the girl on the cover and the story.

    - Jackie

  7. The face on The Vespertine seemed so strange.

  8. I think I prefer the Forest of Hands and Teeth because you can see her face clearly -- and those eyes!


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