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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Coupla Winnahs!

Got a few contests that end at midnight, but since I don't really see anyone entering them in the next hour or so (as no one has these last couple of days), I'm going to go ahead and end them a mite early so I can gather the winner's info and get their prizes on the way!  (Hope no one takes issue with this*...)
So I'll get right to the point:

2 winners of Numbers: The Chaos by Rachel Ward, 
courtesy of Scholastic:

#1: Tabathia!

#2: Jessy!

2 winners of the Jane Eyre movie promo prize pack, 
courtesy of Focus Films:

#1: Katrina!

#2: Bethie!

Congrats, everyone!  I'm emailing you now for your addresses.  I hope you all enjoy your lovely, lovely prizes!
Stay tuned for more awesome, kittens!

*Um, sorry; you're overruled.  
*smiles sweetly*

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