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Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Face Off: "Nightshade" series v. "Witches War" series (New name, new face, same books)

I'm sure some of you have seen this already, but for those of you who haven't, the Nightshade series is being repackaged for book 2 -- in fact, it won't even be called the "Nightshade" series anymore!  It will now be called the "Witches War" series.  The new design is sleeker and more modern, but for me, it lacks some of the magic and beauty of the original covers. The new style seems maybe a little "mass market" to me, though I'd guess they're going for edgy and bold.
What do you guys think of the revamp?  Do you like the new covers, or are you a die-hard fan of the old?  Which do you think suits Calla's story better?  Which makes you want to pick them up?  In short,
Which does it better?


Last Week on FFO:  Between the Sea and Sky went fin to fin with Lost Voices in a prettybluemermaidy cover-off.   And they may continue going fin-to-fin forever -- it was a pretty dead split.  Some of you liked being able to see mermaid fins, and some of you liked the air of mystery that BtSaS had.  Personally, I think the watery + airy quality of Between the Sea and Sky captures what the book is supposed to be about, which gives it the slight leg up it needs to win in my opinion.

<---- But for now, everyone's a winnah!!! ---->


  1. I couldn't choose between the two. They were both beautiful. Now thiw week, I like the old covers as opposed to the new covers.


  2. I like the paperback cover of Nightshade better, but the hardcover of Wolfsbane is better than the paperback of it. ;)

  3. The originals, hands down. The new ones look too "adult urban fantasy" whereas the old ones capture that fantasical feel from the books. Plus, they're just gorgeous. The new ones wouldn't catch my eye on a shelf, but my eyes always zero in on the original cover when I'm in a bookstore. I hope they change them back.

  4. I like the new cover of Nightshade and the old cover of Wolfsbane.

  5. I vote for the wolfy Nightshade cover :)

  6. Hardcover for for Nightshade and paper back for Wolfsbane.

  7. The first set does it better because it's so subtle. The 2nd Wolfsbane cover makes her look like she's doing something... private.

  8. lmao! A few people have wondered what exactly Calla is doing...

  9. I love the old covers more than the new ones. I love the vibrant colors and her super glowing yellow eyes looking out. The new ones are all dark and pretty too in their own way, but I would more likely be drawn to the old covers in a bookstore rather than the new ones.

  10. +JMJ+

    I like the old covers. They're more artistic. =)

  11. I absolutely abhor the new covers... I bought Nightshade, even though I haven't read it yet, mostly because of the cover. I loved the old covers. The new ones look like Adult Urban Fantasy, which is a genre I don't read, and although I'm okay w/ the PB of Nightshade, I think the cover of the new Wolfsbane looks a little trashy...

  12. I prefer the original cover. It looks like the original cover for Wolfsbane isn't even being released any more and will only be on ARCs. They could of a least given us the choice.


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