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Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Face Off: Villains, Heroes and Damsels

Yesterday there was a post about the darker aspects of fairy tales, and I've mentioned several times that I personally like a good dark streak and appreciate a good villain.  But there are certainly some stock characters in fairy tales, to the point that they have practically universally recognized names (Wicked Stepmother. Prince Charming. Damsel in Distress.)  They're flat.  They're predictable.  You know they're going to be there.  But that doesn't stop us from loving them - or loving to hate them.  So who do you not-so-secretly root for?  Which character makes you want to pick up a book, or don a Halloween costume?
Interpret this question however you want, and tell us in the comments:
who wins?

*side note: Google Image-searching "damsel in distress" returns some...interesting results. O_O

[I'll announce the winner of last week's FFO in the next regular segment.]


  1. Probably the damsel, but it's better if she's a can-do, now-let's-kick-butt kind of person.

  2. A damsel I can relate too.

    FAB question!


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