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Monday, April 18, 2011

Fun with Fill-in-the-Blanks with The Introverted Reader (and fam!)

The Introverted ReaderYou may recall the Fairy Tale Fill Ins I posted a few weeks back (you can still play along with them!).
Jen @ The Introverted Reader decided to take me up on the (silly) challenge, AND roped her sister in to getting involved as well!
They chose to get Mad(libs) on The Gift.... Jen says their 'inner 12-year olds only showed up once' -- see if you can spot where... O_O


Life wasn’t always easy for a miller’s daughter, especially one with 6 brothers and sisters, as Kara had. Times were always tight, and there was little enough to go around, but Kara had a kind soul, so when James an odd little man at the well on a hot summer’s day, asked for help, Kara helped, as always. In return, Kara was delighted when the man offered Kara ‘s choice of three magical gifts: invisibility, telekinesisor mighty burps Kara chose the invisibilityof course, and decided to set out to make her fortune.

Kara stopped by the crumbling old house attached to the mill to collect some clothing and small food stores to take on the journey, only to find her father, the miller, crying disconsolately on the doorstep. “Kara,” the miller said, “I have done a terrible thing. An odd little man knocked upon our door not an hour ago, asking for food and drink. I shooed him away, and when he begged, I fear I shut the door in his face. And we, your siblings and I -- I fear we laughed at him. But then, I heard him shout, and behind me there was a great kerfuffle, and ----” here the miller sobbed, and could not finish his story -- but behind him, peeking out of the door were 6 white swan faces.  Kara looked from the miller to the swans, and back again, before suddenly realizing -- these were her brothers and sisters!

Kara shook her head in pity and disgust, and debated what to do: take the invisibility she’d earned from the odd old man and leave, never to come back, or see if she could use the invisibility to somehow restore her family to human form?
Kara chose to attempt to restore themand set about preparing. Just what could one do with a magic invisibility?
Kara decided to try to sneak up on the old man and steal the answer to her problembut when that didn’t go as planned, Kara tried to distract him and steal his magic instead.

It was a long, strange time, and Kara did many strange things, but it all turned out exactly as one would expect in the end: Kara simply used the invisibility to forget the whole thing and lived loudly ever after.

Thanks Jen and sister!!!

Make sure to stop by later in the week, when we have an excellent prize pack giveaway courtesy of Jen!


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