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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Short Story Saturday: Silver Birch, Blood Moon, pt 3: Ivory Bones

This is the final segment for Short Story Saturday featuring Silver Birch, Blood Moon (next week, we move on to Politically Correct Bedtime Stories...)
I have this belief that fairy tales should be read aloud, so here I am reading on of my favorite tales from the book, Ivory Bones by Susan Wade.
Given its length, I don't know that any of you will actually watch it, so maybe this is a futile idea, but if you do watch it, I hope you enjoy, and I highly suggest you check out this anthology.  There were many stories I would have loved to read for you!

In this triumphant new collection of original fiction, twenty-one of today's leading writers spin the cherished fables of childhood into glittering gold - offering magical tales for adults, as seductive as they are sophisticated.
A jealous prince plots the destruction of his hated brother's wedding by inventing a "magic" suit of clothing visible only to the pure at heart! A young girl's strange fairy tale obsession results in a brutal murder! An embittered mother cares for her dying son who is trapped in a thicket that guards a sleeping beauty! In a bleak and desolate industrial wasteland, a group of violent outcasts lays the tattered myths of one Millenium to rest, and gives terrifying birth to those of the next! Erotic, compelling, witty, and altogether extraordinary, these stories lay bare our innermost demons and desires - imaginatively transforming our youthful fantasies into things darker, slyer, and more delightfully subversive.


  1. This sounds wonderful and I want to have lunch with Terri Windling one day. And don't you just love the titles of these collections?

  2. Yes. Yes, I absolutely do. I want to pick up more of the series, actually. I've read some of them, and I think I was fortunate in buying this one because it seems to be my favorite, but I would like to reread some of the others.


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