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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fill-In: Once Upon a Time, from Elie of Ellz Readz

Ellz ReadzEarlier in the Fortnight you saw a fun Fill-In from Jen @ The Introverted Reader.  You've also seen a hilarious one from author Zoë Marriott, and there's another coming from Maureen McGowen (spoilers!*).  But today's fill in comes from the ever-lovely Elie of Ellz Readz.  Elie found a fairy tale madlib generator on line, and is apparently having fun with it, as she actually posted another one on her blog!

Anyway, the one she did for us involves an adventurer named Misty, who -- hey, wait a minute....

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a rainbow in the kingdom of swamp, there lived a(n) bubbling adventurer named Misty. The kingdom of swamp was a peaceful kingdom, where the bunnies roamed free and the meatballs was plentiful. Ruling over the kingdom was slimy King Nicklaus, who became king when he pulled the magical shoes from its place in the candle. Everyone was puffy in swamp, until one day when the small villain named witch snuck into Nicklaus' castle and stole the sacred shoes. King Nicklaus was instantly slipped from his throne, and he wandered the countryside for 26 days not knowing what to learned. Finally, he met Misty, and explained the sparkly situation. Misty told Nicklaus not to worry, and set off to recover the magical shoes. Misty found witch at the castle, laughing wildly as his ferocoious fox guarded the magical shoes. Misty thought for a moment, then exclaimed, 'OMG! It's a gigantic book!' And while witch and the gigantic fox were looking away, Misty grabbed the shoes and raced back to King Nicklaus. Nicklaus was so grateful that he gave Misty a solid gold mudflap. And witch was given a 99-minute time-out. The end. 

*does anyone else automatically think of River Song when they say "spoilers" or is that just me?

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