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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

3 Things Cool and Bookish

I've got some cool and bookish videos to share with you today.  I like to call it Two Trailers and a Flash Mob.  Enjoy!

I've already told you how I wanted the book Juniper Berry and was super excited when I got it.  AND I've already told you that I read it as soon as it came, loved it, and will be sharing it for Fairy Tale Fortnight.
But one more reason it should be on your radar?  This trailer of awesomeness:

I especially love the creaking wood at the end, and then the SNAP! of the lightning!  So good!

I also want to show you the trailer for Enlcave by Ann Aguire. A lovely person just sent me a copy of this, which hits stores today. Check it out:

Oh yeah.  You wanna read it.
And look!  It's less than 10 bucks on Amazon!

Lastly, a library in Massachusettes organized a reading flash mob in honor of National Library Week.


  1. Juniper Berry sounds so much like Coraline. I think I might need that one once it's out.

  2. Enclave has been on my list for a bit now. Good to know it's good!

  3. I loved the trailer for "Juniper Berry!" The other day when you mentioned that it was creepy, I thought maybe it wasn't for me, but the trailer makes me want to read it! I LOVE the way the title is written with tree branches, too. Hmm, maybe if I have time when this book comes out at the end of the month, I'll add it to my review list for FTF!

    Wow, the trailer for "Enclave" is violent! I wasn't expecting the gore. I preordered my copy from BN.com for $9.99+tax (and free member s/h), then used a 15% off coupon, so it was $9 after tax. Don't know if the coupon is still good! Waiting for it to come! *impatient*

  4. Oooo Juniper Berry! I can't wait for your review.


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