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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Winners! Bar Graphs! Thank Yous! Survey! It's the FAIRY TALE FORTNIGHT Wrap-Up!

...and I know you're probably thinking, it's just now being wrapped up? Didn't it end like 2 weeks ago? And the answer to that is: Yes...sort of. It may have ended for you 2 weeks ago, but for me and Bonnie, there were still answers to tally up, charts to make (okay, that's just me, because I'm crazy), winners to pull, people to contact... It's a process, people!

But here you have the Wrap-up. Herein you'll find the results of our Fairy Tale Questionnaire (complete with pie charts! bar graphs! exclamation points!), the answers to my beast mode Cover Guessing Game, a survey for your thoughts on this year's FTF and a   whole   l   o   o   o   n   g   list of winners! So click through, and let's get to it!
First, I want to start with a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who was involved in this year's Fairy Tale Fortnight. It's a huge undertaking that would not be possible without the many authors, publicists, bloggers and readers who are generous with their time — you guys are amazing!
There are too many of you to list, and this post will be plenty long enough as is, but

Now, onto the fun stuff.
At the beginning of this year's Fortnight, I posted a fairy tale questionnaire that was a compilation of the questions that Bonnie (along with the help of Bonnie's friend, Wil, who also gets a big thank you from us, 'cause her ?s were amazingly fun!) and I asked in our FTF interviews this year. We wanted to see what your answers would be, and then I had some funtime with graphs and charts (yay!). Here are the results; feel free to weigh in in the comments with where you land on various bars and pie slices, and which results surprised you!

First up, I asked what your favorite fairy tales were, and y'all are some Beauty and the Beast-lovin' fiends! I can't blame you on this one, as I include myself in this category. It's a hard one to answer, because there are a lot of tales I love, The 12 Dancing Princesses included (in fact, very high on the list), but because I lump East O' the Sun, West O' the Moon, Cupid & Psyche, and even somewhat the story of Persephone in the BatB tradition, and thus lump them all under this heading, I really couldn't not put myself in that category; I love those stories far too much, and if anyone wants to analyze why that is... look, just keep your Amateur Psychology Hour to yourself, I'll be over here reading Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow for the 782nd time.
*Notes: If you answered with more than 1 tale, I only input the first listed; the "lesser known" tales listed in Other were: The Six Swans (which you know I adore, and I hated to list as "Other," but it's just not commonly known enough not to), Princess Petronella, The Tale of Despereaux, which isn't lesser-known, but isn't a traditional fairy tale, either, so it seemed a better fit there (and yes, I debated putting Alice there as well), and Elisa and the Pot of Pinks.
This time 'round, it was LEAST favorite tales, and this was much more split — and it sort of tickles me to see how many of the best known tales are also least favorites. I don't think they're any less deserving of being favorites, mind you, but it means that our cultural appetite for fairy tales is becoming more voracious; our palette is craving something new, and lesser known tales are being embraced, and that is a good thing.
Notes: Lesser known tales in this case included: Donkeyskin, which is both one of my favorites and least favorites, The Juniper Tree (makes me shudder, too, 'somethingtobesaidaboutparchment'), and Den Stora Grusharpan, which for obvious reasons, I've never heard of, and couldn't find an English version of, so if someone wants to sum it up, I'm curious! There were a few others, too, so all in all, a very interesting mix!
Also, I'm really surprised that no one mentioned Little Red Riding Hood for either favorite or least favorite!
These two, This or That above and Would You Rather below, are pretty self explanatory, so I'll just let you peruse them and tell me in the comments if there are any results that surprised you. I personally found it interesting that the only dead split was the choice between opening Pandora's Box and Bluebeard's kinky (?) dead wives room, because really? That's an odd pairing to be like, meh, toss-up... ;)

Notes overall: I hope you guys had fun with this, 'cause I sure did. I love getting a peak inside your brains! I'd like to point out that on those fave/least fave charts, one person (ahem, Debz) answered Rumpelstiltskin for both. Quote: "I'm full of contradictions."
Some of my other favorite answers that aren't really graphable (the rest of the questionnaire centered on word association) were:
Magic:  lots of Hogwartsian answers here. I approve. Also, a few references to "that card game" ;)
Hair: Spray (the product or the musical? You decide); Dye; Mullet.
Happy: Forest (? Ok, sure.); Smirk; Sunshine; Dwarf; Despicable Me II/"that Pharrell song"/"Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof"... I love you people.
Queen: Bee; Levana; Cersei; Victoria; Freddie Mercury. I love you people.
Knight: Templar; in shinging armor (lots of those. God forbid a knight ever got his armor dirty. People probably would have strung him up...); Kingslayer; Bus; Ron Weasley.
Fairy: Dust; Godmother; Abby Cadabby; Tale Fortnight! (bonus points, Debz. ;P )
Orange: Juice/Fruit; Delicious; Halloween; Ape (?); Cheshire Cat "even though he was purple..."
Shoes: Slippers/Stilettos/Boots/Flip-flops; "Are uncomfortable"/"No." (Yes.)
.Potion: Lots of Potter references again Also, Macbeth.
Evil: This one has some interesting ones, beyond the normal Villain/Stepmother/Queen, etc: Lyn (he-man); "I am not" (sure.); Laughter; Dustin Brown (the hockey player?); "Siren Song by Bat for Lashes"; "Umbridge and Joffrey" (This person didn't leave a name, but I'm pretty sure they need to be my new best friend); Also: "Dancing--not sure where that one came from. I can't even think of any evil characters that dance. Weird." lol!
Frog: Mucus/Yuck/Slime/Gross (y'all need to kiss a toad and get over it already, frogs are the sh*t); Prince/Princess; golden ball; Kermit; Naveen; legs.
Gold: Rumpelstiltskin/Mr Gold; straw; hair; nugget; teeth; locks.

And there you have it! If you didn't answer the questionnaire, feel free to weigh in in the comments. And if  you'd like to see a survey like this again next year, let me know!

I know this year's Cover Guessing Game: Beast Mode Edition kinda drove some of you nuts. Not one person got them all right, though some of you came damn close. It's kinda delightful to have stumped you, as you guys are always so good, so...Sorry not sorry!
But I promise to be easier on you next year. [Maybe. ;P]
If it's been eating at you, here are the answers:
Row One: The Princess Curse, Princess of Thorns, The Crystal Heart, Winterspell, Stitching Snow
Row Two: Castle Behind Thorns, Princess of the Silver Woods, Poisoned Apples, Rump, Cruel Beauty
Row Three: Hero, Of Beauty and Beast, Birdwing, Fathomless, My Name is Rapunzel
Row Four: Handbook for Dragon Slayers, Two and Twenty Dark Tales, Decoured, Tender Morsels, Wayfarer
Row Five: The Glass Casket, Bitter Greens, Keturah & Lord Death, Breadcrumbs, Feather Bound
Row Six: Towering, Curses!, Toads & Diamonds, The Old Country, Tales from the Bros Grimm (Pullman)
Row Seven: Dorothy Must Die, A Long Long Sleep, Queen of Hearts, The Crane Wife, Titan Magic: Body & Soul
Row Eight: Nameless, The One, The Goose Girl, Dealing with Dragons, Fairytales for Wilde Girls

Now, before we get to what you really came here for (don't act like I don't know), I'd like to pick your brain for a minute. If you could leave some feedback for me and/or Bonnie, a few of your thoughts on this year's event, buy filling out this quick survey, we'd lurves you forever. [We already do, though, so...extra lurves!]

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for. It's time for the...
Fairy Tale Fortnight 2014 MEGA LIST OF WINNERS!

If you find yourself listed below, please let me know in the comments or by email if you no longer want your prize winnings, so I can find a new home for your prize. One that will give the book the attention that it deserves; take it for walks, let it play with other books. Maybe have children in the home to play with it and keep it company... ;)
[But seriously. If for whatever reason you no longer want your prize, let me know ASAP! Same goes for if your address has changed from the one given in the Registration Form!]
If you're not sure if you're the one listed (some of you have same/similar names!), ask me and I'll clarify. 

The Mirk & Midnight Hour by Jane Nickerson!
Sheila R
Anna L

Misty's Blog Hop Mystery Box!
Bridget H

Holly B

Danielle Sc
Holly L

Rachael G
Bethwyn W
Miranda L
Vampi A
Priscila D
Danielle Sh
Mary P

Tessa W

Marissa A

Martha G

The Secret Diary of Alice in Wonderland, Age 42 and Three-Quarters by Barbara Silkstone ebook
Stefani (bookspry)

Zo White and the Seven Morphs by Barbara Silkstone ebook
Cyndi F

Wendy and the Lost Boys by Barbara Silkstone audiobook
Yvonne J

Fallen by Ann Hunter ebook

Signed The Dyerville Tales by MP Kozlowsky
Leslie P

Signed Hero's Guide complete set by Christopher Healy 
Tammy S

(2nd giveaway that took place just after FTF - thought you guys would want to know the results!)

And from the additional giveaways on A Backwards Story:

The Seventh Spell by Danielle E. Shipley
April S.

Bellflower by Amber Stokes
Sherry H.
Justine W.

Once Upon a Tower by Eloisa James
Terri M.
and there will be 1 more winner, first pick was disqualified! Keep an eye out, it could be you!!

The Curse Girl by Kate Avery Ellisen
Dena M.

Again, CONGRATS to everyone who won something or found a new book to love during FTF, and THANKS THANKS THANKS to everyone who contributed, chatted, or followed along!
Please fill out the wrap-up survey above if you have a moment, and hope to see you again next year!!


  1. I hope I hope I'm the Martha G listed for While Beauty Slept by Elizabeth Blackwell! (fMartha G) but I'm not sure because of the f in front of my name! Is it because I had my fingers crossed when I was typing?
    Whatever I'm the Martha G in Connecticut, the one wishing on stars and found pennies.

    1. Either your fingers slipped (I wondered why someone would have such a strange screenname, with a lower case f... lol!), or there are 2 Martha Gs in CT! =D

  2. are you going to email us to get our address or was it given in the google doc? I can not remember. I'm so glad to have won a prize this year. I love fairy tale fortnight and it overloads my tbr list every year. I mean how do you ever keep up with all the amazing fairy tale retellings coming out along with all the other books you are interested in. It is amazing. After I finish the two books I'm reading now, The Book Thief, and Just Destiny. I'm ready to dive back into the fairy tale world. I have been in a comtemporary mood for a long time, but I'm looking for some fairy tales now.

    1. Addresses are in the registration form! That's why we do that, saves soooooooo much time and confusion at the end.

  3. I think I'm one of the winners of The Mirk and Midnight Hour but just wanted to make sure.

    1. I might have used either this log in or another one to comment at one point or another, that's why I asked ;)

    2. Sheila in RI? That'd be you! =)

    3. Hi Misty, just wondering if the books were sent out? I randomly thought about it today and realized I never received it and it's been awhile. Just wanted to make sure it didn't get lost. Thanks :)

    4. To my understanding, yours has been sent out, though I know the publicist for the book changed, so it may have been delayed a bit (plus add in the fact that it's BEA/ALA season, and that probably delayed it some more). Give it a few days, and if it's not to you by the end of this week, let me know and I'll check on it. =)

  4. YAY! Congrats to all the winners, and thanks for those charts and diagrams. I was way off in terms of fav/least fav, but dead-on with everyone on this/that and would you rather. The questionnaire answers are a riot- some of you guys are so very, very clever. Noted. :)

    I can't wait for FTF next year (well, and Austen in August later this year).


    1. Thank YOU for being an awesome commentor/contributor! =D

  5. I love your follow up charts and comments. I was wondering how that all panned out.

    Congrats winners!

  6. I'm so excited to have won the paperback copy of The Sea Inside!! I'm pretty sure the address I listed in the registration form is my new address, but I just want to make sure, as I didn't get an email! Please email me at your earliest convenience! Thanks again for the amazing giveaway! I can't wait to read this! (hballa14@gmail.com)

  7. It's not my fault! Rumpelstiltskin is the most horrendously terrifically awfully amazing fairy tale ever! I had a blast this year (didn't comment nearly as much as I wanted to) and can't wait for next year! Thanks for everything, and congrats to the winners!

  8. Hey Misty, thanks for the great news! I'm really looking forward to The Hero's Guide to Being an Outlaw. Congrats everybody!!

  9. Hi! I'm listed as one of winners for Fractured Dream, I think. Kristen N. in TN? I was approached after this to do a review for my blog and received a copy through that. Please feel free to find a new home for the copy meant for me. Thank you so much!

    1. Thanks for letting me know! I'll pick a new winner. =)

  10. Thanks for hosting!! I had a lot of fun reading all the posts.

  11. I never won a giveaway before, I'm so happy! Thank you!

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