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Saturday, May 17, 2014

My Favorite Thing(s) About Zita the Spacegirl!

The final (sob!) book in the Zita the Spacegirl series has just been released, and to celebrate, FirstSecond books has asked all us Zita devotees to talk a bit about what we love about Zita...

... and can I just say, 'All the things'?

I mean, when asked to talk about my favorite thing about Zita, I thought, Sure, that'll be a piece of cake. It's a fantastic series that I've loved every last minute of, and I've pushed it on countless people, so I know how to talk about these books, right?

I mean, obviously, I have to mention the art. It is a graphic novel series, after all, and the style is so colorful and quirky, and I've already talked about how it captured some nebulous amalgamation of all the things that made up my childhood.
The art is gorgeous, and it just feels right
But of course, there's more to a good story than its physical representation — the package can be pretty, but it's about what's inside. And of course, what I love about Zita the Spacegirl is the character of Zita the Spacegirl!
Zita's spunky. 
She's plucky and bold, and she does everything from a place of good — she cares, and she strives to make things come out right, and who wouldn't love that? Zita is ultimately very caring and very good (even if it is a chaotic good...), and she's full of heart and bravery. You can't help but root for her.
But then I thought, it's not just Zita that I love. I mean, she's the best and I want to be her when I grow up, but what would the story be without Pizzicato? One, Strong Strong, Piper? The little squigly things creeping around in corners?
I love basically all the characters. All of them.
Even the ones I love to hate (but mostly I just love them). Some are flawed, hilariously; some are flawed more seriously. Some are pure and darling and heartbreaking. But no matter what type of character, I understood them and connected to them immediately, time and time again. Even a plain ole' rock — Twice.
And like Zita herself, all of those characters, right down to that little mute rock-with-eyes, all of these characters have tremendous heart. They may have their differences, and some may have their weak moments, but the way they pull through for each other, the way they look out for each other and do what needs to be done, and the way they can all be so bold, fearless, funny, cunning — the way they are all so full of personality and life —
The book and everything in it, is full of spirit.

The art, the characters, the humor and sense of adventure; the connections and quirks and Good Guy hero antics; every last thing that makes up the Zita the Spacegirl series had made me happy, has put a smile on my face.
So you see, it really is all the things.

And there you have what I love about Zita the Spacegirl, and really, it doesn't even begin to scratch the surface. If you haven't read these books, seriously, grab yourself a copy. And keep an eye out for my full review of The Return of Zita the Spacegirl!

And if you want more Zita, make sure to check out the rest of the blog tour!

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