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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Fairy Tale Stuffs From Around the Web

Fairy Tale Fortnight's almost over, and THAT'S SAD. I love sharing fairy tale goodies with you, and I love it even more when you share them with me (Friends! Readers! Send me your links!), so even though I only fairy tale binge with you once a year, I gather and horde all the things through out the year, so that I can cherry pick my favorite fairy tale bits to share with you!
So to keep you occupied until next FTF (or for awhile, at least), here are some of the fairy tale-ish things I've come across recently that I thought you should know about...
* Some people made a thing, and though it's ground that's been covered (and though it's sometimes a bit...sharp), it's pretty fun. It's a musical vlog thing — and a pretty funny, snarky one — about what Disney princesses have given up for their princes, sung by Elsa, et. al.
In case you're not sick of Frozen yet.
[Which I still haven't seen, so...]

* And while we're on the topic of sexim-ish, someone on BuzzFeed ranked the Disney princesses in order of hotness. You're welcome.

* And let's just keep the theme going, apparently, because someone wondered what it'd be like if the Disney villains were beautiful, and ... whatever, I ain't even mad. 'Cause fairy tales.
At least it's equal opportunity shallowness; both sexes of villain are represented. ;)

* Colleen Oakes wrote a thing on HuffPo about 10 fairy tale books to read while you're waiting for Maleficent to come out, and though I always distrust people who just so happen to include their own work on lists like that (even if I do really want to read her book. But I mean - come on!), it does have some pretty damn good books on it.

* And another hat tip to Buzzfeed, which showcased some real life places that look like something straight out of a fairy tale, and OH MY GOD WHY AM I NOT AT EACH OF THESE PLACES RIGHT NOW?

* Proving that my state is THE COOLEST (sorry not sorry, other 49!), a university in Michigan offers Unicorn Questing Licenses. Yes, you read that right: MOTHEREFFING UNICORN QUESTING LICENSES. (And though you should totally come visit me in the Mitten, you don't have to travel to get your license; you can get one for your self - for free - here!)

Have any fairy tale tidbits you'd like to share? Leave 'em in the comments, or send me a link on twitter or facebook any time through out the year! I'd love to see them, and they may well end up in a Fairy Tale Fortnight post in the future! =D

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  1. Michigaaaaaan!

    I wonder what the qualifications are to get the Unicorn Questing License...

  2. This was an awesome post. Fairy Tale fortnight is one of my favorite events and you totally have me in a fairy tale mood now.

  3. If anyone has chanced to miss the Disney Villain Perfume Collection...be deprived no more!

  4. AH! I love it. That song made me giggle....and after reading Rampant, I'd prefer a unicorn hunting license. ;)

  5. Oh so cool! Loved the video and the pretty Disney villains. That was so neat to look at!


  6. If you like fairy tales you should check out Fiona Von Finnigan - Fairy Tale Fixer. This is basically the Iliad for children. An exciting tale that requires a young girl to venture into the fairy tale world and fix a spell put on the world that has caused chaos and disarray. Educational and whimsical, it's a super fun read.



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