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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Interview with Ann Hunter, author of The Subtle Beauty + Giveaway!

Today, Ann Hunter, author of The Subtle Beauty and the upcoming Fallen, has stopped by to share a special interview with us — not from her own perspecctive, as an indie author writing twists on fairy tales, but from the POV of her villain-turned-antihero, Sylas Mortas.
Click through to see what Sylas has to say for himself, and then enter to win a copy of Fallen!

UPDATE: Ann has made her book, The Subtle Beauty, free for the remainder of Fairy Tale Fortnight! Make sure you grab your copy!!

from the POV of Sylas Mortas (villain of The Subtle Beauty & Moonlight, and anti-hero/MC of Fallen, due out in May)

Your story in a tweet: Give us an idea of your story, in 140 characters or less.
Everyone knows the story of the frog prince, but how many know what the prince did to get himself cursed to begin with? #fallen #prince #chicken #whatididforlove

If you could hop out of your own story and into any traditional fairy tale, which would you hop into and what would you do there?
I like that you said HOP. That’s amusing, seeing my cursed position and all. I’ve already made appearances in Beauty & The Beast (The Subtle Beauty) and The Swan Princess (Moonlight). I guess, if I could, I’d visit my friend Rós in Chicken Little (A Piece of Sky) before I ticked off the ban sídhe Crwys. I could have learned more from Rós and saved myself a lot of trouble.

Which tale would you least want to experience?
The Ugly Duckling. Boy does that bird have it easy! He’s ugly, but he finds love and redemption at the end of the story. I am not so lucky. My goose gets cooked, so to speak.

If you could pull any character from a fairy tale into your own, who would you storynap and what would they do in your story?
Aladdin’s genie. I want to be myself again. I want to turn back time and be with my love, Ciatlllait once more, as though nothing had ever happened to us. Suspend us in an eternal moment of bliss.

And if you could choose an object, which object and how would you use it?
My chicken, Rós. There’s no better judge of character than animals, and mine sees auras. No one gets past Rós. (The judgemental chicken judges you!) Plus she’s small and useful and can get into places I cannot tread.

If you could let readers know any one thing about your story/journey, what would you want them to know?
Listen to your elders. It is important to show mercy to those who express love. Never look a gifted chicken in the… well, you know.

And most importantly, what's it like allowing Ann to tell your story? Do you trust her to get it right? (Don't worry, Bonnie's distracting Ann in the corner, we can talk confidentially... ;P )
Ann has a knack for listening to still, small voices. I admit I may have resisted strongly at first, but once we got out of the Wolfmarsh alive together, I knew I could trust her to show the world that while I’m the villain in two other stories, I am just a misunderstood fellow who made some very poor choices in my younger, more arrogant days.

--Sylas Mortas,
Fallen Prince of the Summer Isle

In anticipation of the release of Fallen, Ann Hunter has offered up a e-copy to 1 lucky Fairy Tale Fortnight reader, available upon the book's released. This giveaway ends May 10th, 2014. Fill out the Rafflecopter to enter.
**To enter this giveaway, you have to be registered on the Giveaway Registration Form.  Please make sure you have registered, and please do not leave any personal info (like your email) in the comments.  Thanks, and good luck!

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  1. I really like this author's answer especially since it was rom the role of a villian. I could spend a whole year reading fairy tales and still not even brush the surface between all the books I have found through fairy tale fortnight.

  2. A fun interview. I love a good villain.


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