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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Fairy Tale Fortnight 2014 Giveaway Registration Form

Click here to go back to the Fairy Tale Fortnight Main Page,
where you can access the schedule or find out more!
I'll keep it short and sweet: I know you want to WIN ALL TEH THINGS, so make sure that before you enter any giveaways, you've filled out this registration form. You only have to fill out this form once, and then you can enter any of the FTF giveaways hosted by me or Bonnie.

Please note: each giveaway will have its own Rafflectoper, and may have its own rules and regulations (including whether it is US or INTL), so make sure you read each giveaway's rules!

And no, info will never be shared, and will be deleted once prizes are shipped. This is purely to help us keep track and get everyone's prizes to them in a timely manner!

Good luck!!


  1. *spoken with giddy joy*
    This promises to be loads of fun… ^^ Thanks for hosting!

  2. i had a lot of fun in the past year even if i didn't win anything so i hope this year i wioll keep having fun and get lucky^^
    thank you for all the time you devote for this event

  3. Thanks for hosting. Sounds like fun! Good luck to all!

  4. I guess I will not be joining. I will not give out my mailing address without a reason (such as actually winning). Forms like this tend to get you on mailing lists, and spammed it seems. Very disappointed in being asked for such personal information for no reason.

    1. I appreciate that you don't want to share your info, and of course that is your right, as is not entering, but it's hardly for "no reason" — the reason is pretty explicit. The registration is simply the best for an event of this size (and is fairly common for an event of this size), so we can get info to the publisher's who are sending things out in the timeliest manner, and not have to deal with endless rounds of emailing, waiting on responses, etc., while at the same time, minimizing chances of mix-ups.
      I have never and would never share someone's mailing info, but if you're not comfortable, then by all means, you should not share your info - which I think would eliminate you from giveaways in general, because were you to win, you'd have to share it, and ANY time you're giving someone your info, you could end up on a mailing list, winner or no...

  5. I never won a giveaway before, I really hope I win this time, especially since I enjoy this fairy tales theme so much :)

  6. I love fairy tales so whatever is there, I am sure I will love it!


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