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Monday, April 21, 2014

Create-A-Cover Challenge, Year 3 | Fairy Tale Fortnight

There's nothing like a good photoshopping session (or in my case, a good gimpin') to waste time and get the creative juices flowing. Or the procrastinating juices, maybe. You know what? I'm just going to stop talking about juices and get straight to the point — I love me a good mock book cover. I love making them, I love seeing what other people have made, and I love imagining the stories they might contain. That's why I make sure to include a cover challenge every year for FTF. Fairy tales are ripe for the plucking when it comes to mock covers: they're recognizable, they tell stories all on their own (and they're stories we know), and stock images for them are pretty readily available. Win/win/win.

So here is this year's cover challenge. Like photoshopping? Been wanting to get involved in Fairy Tale Fortnight? Want an extra entry or two in some FTF giveaways? Well then, you've come to the right place! Get creating, have some fun, and then send me me the covers: email them, tweet them, post them on your blog and leave a link in the comments, and I'll post them here for the world to see!

A few things to know about the Create a Cover game:
  • You should always give credit where credit is due! If you use someone else's pictures, give 'em credit and a link - and make sure they allow their images to be used!
  • Anyone can play! And you can submit as many covers, for as many tales, as you would like. 
  • Each cover submitted earns you an extra entry in the FTF giveaway of your choice! And you don't have to decide which giveaway now. Hold out, see what's coming; I'll contact you at the end of the event to see which giveaway(s) you want your cover(s) credits applies towards.
  • Any fairy tale works! Like non-traditional tales? Go for it. Want to do a fanart cover of your fave fairy tale retelling? Knock yourself out. I can't wait to see it, no matter what it is!
  • Seriously, ANYONE CAN PLAY. It doesn't matter if your photoshopping skills are atrocious. Or if you don't have photoshop (gimp is free, btw). These are still a lot of fun (I promise!) and sharing them and seeing what everyone comes up with is half the fun! Besides, an MS Paint cover might just make me laugh my ass off so hard that I'll give you two entries in a giveaway of your choosing. Or ten...
To kick us off, here's my cover for this year. I had so much fun with last year's "Wolf" that I was tempted to use LRRH again this year, but I reined in the impulse and went with Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen. Stock used comes from Mirish and Colourize Stock. Fun, fun!

So, let's see what you've got, you little creative geniuses.

Kristen's cover - see how she created it here!

"Old Folkie's" covers - more on them here!

Beth's covers! More on their creation here!

Ginny's cover - post on it here!


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  1. Here's two lnks to my entry:
    On my blog with a short introduction (in German) http://gerds-buecherregal.blogspot.de/2014/04/fairy-tale-fortnight-challenge-cover.html
    And on my Deviant page (description to follow) http://daninsky.deviantart.com/art/Little-Rough-Riding-Hood-449980165?q=gallery%3ADaninsky&qo=0

  2. I had so much fun with this! There are some truly, amazingly talented DeviantArtists out there!

    1. So fun! I especially love the last two. Quirky! =D

  3. This was a lot of fun! Here's my cover: http://ginsbooknotes.com/fairy-tale-fortnight-create-a-cover-challenge/


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