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Thursday, April 24, 2014

The #FairyTaleFortnight Cover Guessing Game!

I love puzzles and guessing games, and that little niggling feeling that you get in the back of your mind when you know you know something. (Okay, I hate that, but I love to hate it, you know?) So I love doing combining those things and making a cover guessing game for you every year for FTF!

...But it turns out: you're really good. Even when I think I have you guys stumped, you seem to get them with relative ease. I guess you really like your fairy tales. ;)

So this year, hopefully, I've made it a little more difficult. In the past, I've done bigger crops and used only books that have been featured in FTF in some fashion; this year, I make no such guarantees. The crops are macro, the books are a mix of well-known and indie, currently out and still in the æther... Some of these might still be easy to you, but hopefully I've made it a little more challenging for you die-hards.

So take a look below, and when you think you know the answers, fill out the form that follows. This is just for fun and bragging rights, but who knows? I've been known to throw a prize out there when people impress me...

So have at it, kids!
click or open in new tab to embiggen

The form is divided into rows; after that it should be self explanatory, but because this is the internet and nothing is ever self-explanatory, here's the breakdown: the books go left to right, just like reading a book. So the crow in the top row would be Row 1, Book 4.

Good luck!

Click here to go back to the Fairy Tale Fortnight Main Page, where you can access the schedule or find out more!


  1. Didn't get very many, but of well I still love this game.

  2. I lack the skillz for this. My eyes burn already! But thanks for the challenge. :)

  3. Am I the only one which can't see the box to write in under the "Name" section? It doesn't bother me that much, but it could be annoying for somebody who's actually good at this game and wants to be (rightly) acknowledge :)

  4. I can't see the space for Name either. I am viewing on a phone and have clicked "web version" but still do not see it.

    1. It was some form weirdness. It should be fixed now.


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