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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Friday Face Off: The Demon Trapper's Daughter

This is a super, super late Friday Face Off.  I'm still in pain, but feeling a little better, so I'm going to try to play catch up a bit in this coming week.  We'll see how that goes.
Anywho, this week's FFO focuses on another book that I wanted to read for Helluva Halloween and was really excited for, but am just not going to be able to work in: Jana Oliver's The Demon Trapper's Daughter.  TDTD is also known as Forsaken in the UK (and maybe elsewhere, I dunno), and it has a completely different look, so...
Which one did it better?

I normally don't give my 2 cents, but personally, I love the US version.  The UK one does have some visual interest that makes me like it the longer I look, but I love the details on the US version: the two-tone color scheme, the way her plaid pants just sort of lurk in there until suddenly you notice them, the glowing ball, etc.  But most of all, the precarious way she's perched.  It brings a sense of immediacy, fearlessness and danger to it that I really like.  I also like that we can't see her face. I like to picture main characters myself.
[Also, FYI, you can get Oliver's Retro Demonology, a Demon Trapper's bonus story  free on Kindle right now...]

Last week on FFO: It was another cross-pond Face Off, with the US and UK versions of Simon Holt's The Devouring series going (haunted) head to (peeled) head.  Though a lot of you would stop and look at the gross UK version, most of you would never pick it up, whereas the haunting US version made your fingers itch to grab it.
Winnah ----->

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  1. us +++/ uk - - -

    so us /love it

  2. I really like both of them, but if I had to choose one, I'd go with the UK cover. The red at the bottom of the US cover kind of ruins it for me.

  3. I like the U.S cover better, I like the idea of not seeing the face more mysterious.

  4. The first one with her on the building. Suits the title better.

  5. the one on the right. i like the red and the urban feel to it in regards to the characters apparel.

  6. Think I like the US version better I think. I like the city bldgs in the background, the sky/moon, and also the pants & sneakers that kinda stand out in the dramatic cover.
    -Heather @BookStacksOnDeck

  7. I like cover #2 better. Not a big fan of all the red in the first.

  8. I like the one on the left, the red one. Is that the US cover? I think so. I like her pants.

  9. I really like them both, but if I HAD to pick I'd go with the U.S. one.

  10. I kinda like the second one better.


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