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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Book Chat: Creepy Covers

Here's this week's Book Chat, guys and gals.  It's on creepy covers, and I hope you'll share your faves and link up below.

If you want to prepare for next week, the topic is what 1 scary/creepy/supernatural book you would give people for All Hallows Read.

PS. Yes, you did hear me right.  I did say I was hit by a parked car, and it's kind of a long story, but the short version is I'm a little ouchie but fine.  That is also why things have been going up a little slow the past couple days, so bear with me. And thanks. <3

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  1. That cover for Possessions made me laugh. The reflection looks like Voldemort!

  2. I'm glad you're ok. I hope it doesn't hurt you too much and you'll completely recover soon :)

    I like all the covers, specially Anna dressed in blood :)

  3. When you said "Welcome to my life" I nearly spit coffee all over my computer screen. Sorry. =)

    Ya know, the similarity of some of these covers amazes me. I guess there's no copyright laws with this sort of thing, huh?

    I will be buying House of Dead Maids. I love me some Victorian Literature. =)

    Is that the same Shirley Jackson that wrote The Lottery? Cover 2 is better. The other one seems too cartoonish.

  4. Hit by a parked car? WHAT?! Thank goodness you are ok!

    Ooooo I hate the Devouring cover.

    Piercing eye contact always gets me.

    I do need to see Anna Dressed in Blood in person.

    BTW, I am LOVING this videos.

    Regarding your question:

    Slice of Cherry creeped me out. It's the whole idea of someone being sick enough to not only enjoy blood but enjoy it pretty china cups.

  5. Those were great creepy covers! Since I love horror books so much, the creepier the cover the more I want to buy it! I'm so glad I got to participate in book chat this week :)

    Crystal @ Elegantly Bound Books

  6. On time my sister was riding her bike and hit a parked car... knocked her self out!

  7. My dad was hit by a parked car opening their door when he was on his bike. It broke his arm, so being hit by parked cars can be serious.

    I did my own blog post about creepy covers, but I really enjoyed your picks, especially The House of Dead Maids and Anna Dressed in Blood.


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