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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Helluva Halloween Participation Linky

Click here to be taken to the Helluva Halloween Main Page!

Below is the linky for participation in Helluva Halloween.  There is no requirement to participate in Helluva Halloween (ie, you don't have to link something up to enter to win the giveaways or to comment or whatnot). But if you are taken with the Halloween spirit and post your own Halloween goodies, or you do a response to something, or your own review of one of the books I review, etc., please feel free to link it up below and share it with the world.

Please put some indication of what the post is (ie "Daughter of Smoke and Bone review (Best Blog Ever blog)" or "Favorite Scary Reads Vlog (BobLawBlog)", etc)


  1. What a cool website, and I agree...a beautiful button. I love the Halloween celebration. It's my favorite holiday!

    Thanks for letting me share!

    Meredith Allard

  2. Great site! Thank you for linking up:)


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