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Friday, July 22, 2016


I am sure that after Fairy Tale Fortnight was a no-show* this year, some of you are wondering if the same is going to be true of Austen in August; it's no secret that I've been in a slump for awhile now, and haven't been as motivated to blog (I mean, just look around... You may just see a tumbleweed). But nothing draws me in like Austen. My enthusiasm for her knows no bounds, and YOUR enthusiasm for her makes me weirdly (some would say masochisticly) excited for Austen in August and its attendant work load. So of course there's going to be an AIA this year!

That said, it is going to be a little different, just out of necessity. On top of said slump and general summer busy-ness, August is event month (apparently), and it seems like everyone I know has decided to: get married | get engaged | have babies : and there's just no way I could have AIA on its normal schedule, at the normal volume, and remain sane. So Austen in "August" this year is actually going to start late and spill over into September a bit (but don't worry, Austen's just as good in September, I promise).  I'll try to keep it as full and Austenolicious as I always do, but you might have to cut me some slack this year. A little. Maybe. (please?)

But that's enough preamble, I think. Most of you know the drill by now, but for those who don't or need a refresher:
What the Eff is AIA?

Well, funny you should ask...
The Deets:
  1. Austen in August is a celebration of all things Jane Austen, featuring reviews, discussions, vlogs, giveaways, interviews and more! [See years onetwothreefourmother-freaking five, because it's been half a decade, yo! and six, because we didn't stop there] You can stop by any time during these 2 weeks and get lost in Austen. It's all very austentatious. . . alright, I'll stop now.
  2. It runs AUGUST 24TH through SEPTEMBER 6TH, and everyone is welcome to participate. You can just read and comment on the daily posts, if you'd like, but  as always, I will also be welcoming guest posts. Wanna review or giveaway your favorite adaptation? Share your Top 5 MOJ (Moments of Jane)? Discuss why Edmund is actually totally a catch *gag*? I'd love to host your awesome post! Fill out the form below with what you'd like to do and I'll reserve a spot for you!
  3. Are you an Austenite author who wants to be involved? EMAIL ME! I'd love to have you involved!
  4. There will also be a linky up on the first day to share last minute posts, if you find yourself inspired to jump in. :)
  5. Once again I will be hosting an Austen Read Along to coincide with the event, and this year's book is SENSE & SENSIBILITY. [Astute AIAers will have figured out that's the only one of the Big Six left that we haven't read & discussed!]
That about covers it.
So if you're interested in being a featured guest right here on this blog (or on my vlog!), or you've been burning with things to say about Jane all year, please fill out the form below! It'll remain open for the next few weeks, after which you can email me directly if you're still interested.

You guys are always amazing at contributing your time, creativity and enthusiasm to this event every year, I luuurve you for it and I can't wait to see what you come up with! And I said this last year (and the year before, and will forever and evermore), but I meeeeeeeeeaaaan it:
I don't ever want anyone to feel obligated to contribute in any way, but if you've been on the fence and too shy in the past, I'd love to feature you this year! I LOVE pulling in new Janeites, you have NO IDEA.

*side note: Fairy Tale Fortnight may still happen later this year, and if not, will hopefully be back next year!


  1. Yay! Glad you are still planning to do this, Misty. I'm actually good with the change in the timing since I will be away from wifi (camping in the wilds) during the early part of August. I'll happily pass along that you would like some participants to help with posts and I'll consider participating.

    Wow, so many years already... but so fun. Looking forward to it.

    1. Yay, thanks for sharing! And I know, can you believe it's been going for so long?!

  2. Oh thank goodness, because I prepped many, many posts for it. Just in case. :D
    Also, thanks for starting it the day before my birthday! That's an awesome gift. (aaaand now I want to rewatch From Mansfield with Love).
    (also yes please to future FTF!)

  3. I was just starting to wonder if this would happen this year! So excited to hear about more Austen and see all the love for her books on your blog!

  4. Hurray I am so glad you'll be having AIA this year. Last year was my first time to join in reading all of Jane's books and the posts on your blog. I did write up one post about participating. I can't believe that I never read any if these books before. I will be participating again.


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