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Friday, January 2, 2015

MY MOST ANTICIPATED BOOKS OF 2015! | #FridayFive (1)

An-tici-patiooooon! An-tici-pay-yay-tion is... waiting for awesome books to come out, amirite?
So here, for my first post in a new feature called The Friday Five, I'm telling you about some of the ones that, like Kylie Minogue, I just can't get out of my head...

So, in no particular order, just grabby hands all around...

1. THE MISSING. I've thought about Sarah Beth Durst's first adult book, The Lost, probably more than any other book in the last year. It would just randomly pop into my head and I would be hit with a wave of just missing these characters. Maybe that's why its sequel is called "The Missing" — it's not about finding what's missing, or whatever the synopsis will tell you; it's about how much those of us who read and loved The Lost are missing these characters and this world, and desperately want to get back to it already...

2. HIDDEN HUNTRESS. And the runner up for book that popped into my head the most in 2014, and probably the winner of book that I was most surprised to obsess over, is definitely Danielle L. Jensen's debut, Stolen Songbird. I thought I'd probably like it, but without even being able to pin down just what it was that won me over so much, I loved it. And then came the crushing news that Strange Chemistry, the imprint that published it, was going under, and the panic set it. What was going to happen to the rest of the Malediction trilogy? I needed the second book, dammit! Thankfully, Angry Robot, SC's mothership, picked up the series, and though there's no cover yet (that's book  one, over there) publication of book 2, Hidden Huntress, is set for this summer.

3. WINTER. (And 3.5: Fairest.) I was already anticipating that there wouldn't be review copies of the final Lunar Chronicles book, Winter, so when news broke that a different book, Fairest, would be published first instead, I realized Winter had been postponed to god knows when, and I was ready to mutiny. Storm the castle, take the book by force and free it to the fangirls with the proclamation WINTER IS COMING. Or something. I dunno, I probably would have just waited in misery like everyone else, tbh, but inside, I would have been storming the castle. (Not that I'm not eager to read Fairest, you know. But...Winter... *sobs pathetically*) But the postponement wasn't quite as long as I was anticipating (but long enough), and Winter is coming. I suppose my fangirling heart can hold out for a little longer. Probably.

Err...4ish. STONE IN THE SKY, maybe? Or LAIR OF DREAMS? Or A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC? Or... I mean, let's face it: there are a lot of amazing books coming out, from a lot of authors whom I eagerly follow. I know I always somehow cheat, but any of these books could nab a spot in the top anticipated books this year, and the answer could change from one minute to the next.

And then 5: I DON'T EVEN KNOW YET. There are so many books I'm eager to read, and some of them I'm sure I haven't even come across yet. There are probably more. (Well, there are definitely more, but you know what I mean). There are probably even some that, when I remember them, I'll be like, wait, that SO should have been on the list! How could I neglect [BOOK]? Alas, alack! But for now, these are the books that I started eager-wiggle-dancing for when I realized it was 2015. (Don't judge me. You know you do it, too). But the last spot on this list goes to one I haven't even heard of yet, one I'll come across a few months in and be frantic to get when it comes out. I know 2015 has one of those books in store for me, and I eagerly await meeting it.

And ONE LAST NOTE: Many of you may be like, but soft! what light through yonder window breaks? wait, why didn't you list the sequel to Seraphina, since you loved that so much and never shut up about it? I mean, you do know that Shadow Scale comes out this year, right? To which I say: yes, I do and: nyah nyah nanyah nyah.

So yeah, totally was one of my most anticipated books of 2015, but I ain't anticipatin' no mo'. (But you should, it's great!)

So I've showed you mine — how 'bout you show me yours? What are some of your most anticipated reads of 2015?

The Friday Five is a new feature here on The Book Rat. It will be alternated every other week with my normal Friday feature, Friday Face Off. Let me know what you think in the comments, and if you want to weigh in on this week's topic, either here or in your own post, please feel free to do so!


  1. Winter is coming and I'm so excited for this epic series conclusion. I'm starting to save up reviews for Fairy Tale Fortnight, which I can't wait for. Although my TBR is still high from last year.

    1. My TBR is forever high. And it keeps growing! Like, you think there's gotta be an outer limit at some point, right, but no. It's like the Blob, it never stops.

  2. My #1 most anticipated is easily "End of Days" by Susan Ee, but I'm also really looking forward to "Shadow Scale" of course and "A Court of Thorns and Roses" by Sarah J. Maas. Aaaand your top 5 reminds me that I should probably read "Scarlet" and "Cress", oops!

    1. ACoTaR is definitely on my list of things to get, and I want to try to cover it in this year's FTF. I still haven't read Angelfall. I know, I know. I need to.
      And yes, you SHOULD read more Lunar Chronicles! Cress is my favorite so far, it was so good!

  3. LOL! Shadow Scale teasing, really?

    I'm so far behind on most series that are exciting others right now that my list of 'cant wait' reads are a bit different. For instance, I'm still in anticipating of Cress as opposed to Winter. The next Ashley C Harris' Shock Me series book is on my list, the next Shawntelle Madison's Immortality Strain, the next Jeannie Lin's Gunpowder Chronicles are all on my list. Like you there are more, but that's what came to mind.

    1. I mean...sometimes a girl's gotta rub it in. ;P
      READ CRESS! It is so, so good, my favorite of the series so far. =D

  4. All good choices and ACK now I have some 2015 books on my wish list. And here I wasn't going to acquire any more. *le sigh*

    1. Ha! There's no such thing as "not acquiring more books"... you should know that by now. =D


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