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Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 MISSION STATEMENT: Goals & Plans for a New Year!

I've said in the past that I'm not really a "resolutions" person, because I think they box you in and take what's fulfilling out of making change in your life. But I do like to reassess, set myself goals, and just generally rethink things from time to time, and the beginning of a new year is as good a time as any to do it. (Better, even; it's all fresh and nicely round, which if you're the least little bit anal/OCD/finicky, you know exactly what I mean by that.)

For 2015, I have a number of goals I want to achieve and habits I want to lay the groundwork for, and I think putting them out there into the world forces a measure of accountability — so I intend to do just that.

Find out more about my goals in the video below, and the after that, I discuss them a bit more, add in some caveats, and invite you to weigh in!

A lot of what I mentioned in the video applies to both the blog and vlog fronts (well, actually, a lot of it can be applied to life in general), but since you're on the blog right now, I'd like to discuss that a bit more. My catch phrase for 2015 is definitely QUALITY  OVER  QUANTITY, and though I'm setting out to do 5 posts/week (2 video, 3 written), that is subject to change if I find that quality is still taking a hit, OR if the pace is keeping me from my biggest goal of this year, which is finishingeditingpolishingperfectingLOVING a novel. I've gotta keep my eyes on that prize, and though I love you and love talking to you, I can't use all of *this* as a distraction.

(And thank you to all of you who still check in on the writing, ask me how it's going, keep me on my toes, send words of encouragement, etc. You guys are awesome and an unexpected help, always right when I need it, so thank you.)

I talk about a number of other goals in the vlog, too, but for the purposes of this post, we're taking a look at the scheduling thing, and we'll assume that I'm going to be able to keep at the rough pace I've set, in which case a rough weekly schedule will be something like this:

Sunday (vlog): My Sunday vlog (could be anything, really)
Monday: Sunday's vlog posted and discussed
Tuesday: "Free" day, could be anything. Reviews, discussions, probably something meatier to start the week off, but not always.
Wednesday (vlog): My Wednesday vlog (likely a WednesdayYA live show or something WYA related, or general life vlog, could be anything else vloggy)
Wednesday (here): WednesdayYA post on the first, fun stuff the rest of the month. Loosey goosey
Thursday: Wednesday's vlog posted and discussed
Friday: Friday Face Off OR The Friday Five
Saturday: Freedom! Glorious, glorious freedom! Or household chores. One of the two...

And ideally, I'll always have these things posted in the early morning, but...you know. I'm a night owl who forgets to set times in advance, so... I'll try.

As I mention in the video, any of this could be (and will be) shaken up by blog tour posts and my two little events I hold, so things can and will change. And I guess flexibility is also a buzzword of this year, but I'm aiming for a built in, knowing flexibility (and not a, man, I really got lazy there, didn't I? flexibility). I've had plenty of feast-or-famine days/weeks/months here on the blog over the years, but I'm trying to really build some good habits and a lasting (and achievable)  outlet for my bookery.

And I hope you'll join me in that!

Let me know what you think of my plan in the comments, and if you've set yourself goals or resolutions for the year (or if you steadfastly refuse to!), chat with me in the comments about them!


  1. I don't make resolutions either. I make goals, but I agree with you that resolutions only make me want to do the opposite. :)

    One of my goals for 2015 is to eliminate my review pile. It's not that big, but I keep replacing the books I read with new ones, and some of my books have been sitting on my Kindle for over a year. So my goal is to get all those read so I don't have to feel that nagging feeling anymore. Then, I want to read fewer review books and more books that I want to read "just because".

    Good luck with your goals! I love your videos. Sometimes I'll come on your blog just to veg on your book haul videos. :)

  2. I think what you've put out there is do-able. I like the community concept and absolutely happiness must be a huge part. Cutting back on reviews is one of my goals too. Look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  3. Flexibility is key to everything not just blogging :)

    I have several goals this year that pertain to blogging

    1) Actively comment on blogs
    2) Post a review at least 1x a week
    3) Read new to me authors
    4) Balance real life and blogging so I dont shut down like last year.

    Last but not least my 5th goal is;
    To make sure I`m prepared for BEA by talking with other bloggers, packing ahead of time, and being me. :)

    2015 is shaping up to be a great year

    Ashley @ Books Buying Beauty


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