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Thursday, January 1, 2015

JANUARY TBR [2015] + A Question

First stack of the new year, and I'm hoping to really get the ball rolling (right after it finishes dropping -- ba dum tss)!
Let me know what YOU'RE planning on for your first books of 2015, and while you're at it, please also let me know whether you'd like to see "Stack of Five" videos or general viewers choice videos this year!

The Definites:
Amulet, vol 1: The Stonekeeper | Kazu Kibuishi
Olympians boxed set (1-6) | George O'Connor
Ares | George O'Connor
Shadow Scale | Rachel Hartman

The Maybes:
Life Sucks | Jessica Abel & Gabe Soria & Warren Pleece
Boxers & Saints boxed set | Gene Luen Yang
Castle Waiting | Linda Medley
Bone | Jeff Smith
Shadowfell | Juliet Marillier
Exquisite Captive | Heather Demetrios
and then, who knows!

I have some plans to change things up this year, which I'll be talking about more in the days to come, but until then, definitely chat with me in the comments about your plans for January reading and 2015 living! =)


  1. I know what you mean, when you say that you can't just sit and listen to a book. I much more prefer to be actually reading the book if I'm sitting still, about the only time I listen to an audio book is when I'm busy either cleaning up my room or reorganizing my bookshelves. I have to be up and around, moving, and busy. lol. I know that might sound a little weird, but that's just me and like I said I much more prefer to read the written word. *g* And, Exquisite Captive was such a great book, it was definitely high on my list of favorite reads from last year. I just loved the world building, the character's, and the way that Heather Demtrios wrote it.

    I definitely vote for doing a reader's choice, so that way you're not just stuck with doing the same thing over and over. :)

    1. I prefer written, too, because I'm less likely to drift off into Ooh, shiny! territory, and actually focus -- and if I *do* drift, it's easy to find my place again. You just look up! No rewinding and trying to find where you were. BUT I do like a good narration, which makes me want to find things to do to listen to the book. Guess I should start tackling some household chores, eh? ;)

  2. My first book of the year is Bitter Greens, a historical fiction and retelling of Rapunzel...followed by First Impressions for a Jane Austen fix

    1. Ooh, I've been wanting to read Bitter Greens! I approve of both of those choices! =D

  3. I have a body trail too because of feeling antsy right around Thanksgiving and not shaking my distracted mind. I have not started Seraphina yet, but I definitely want to know if it will end as a duo or trio wic is why I'm saving it.
    Love the idea of your New Year book binge.
    Had to laugh about your audio book dilemma. I've discovered that I can do several chores while listening along with some little projects, but just sitting there doesn't work for me.
    As to Stack of Five...I like it, but changing it up for pick a genre or pick a shelf or color book sounds good too. I do a TBR vote each month with the book choices for people to pick going with a theme. Like for January, I had them pick a New Adult from my shelf since it was New Years. I've done 'giveaway books', 'past due review books', 'genre', and 'holiday' themes so far.
    Happy New Year, Misty!

    1. Winter doldrums, I guess, but this is the second year that I just couldn't focus on anything. Well, to be fair, there was huge life stuff going on both years, too, which is probably the real culprit, but all of that dead weight was really starting to drag me back - which is a shame, because it was all books I know I'd like, otherwise!

  4. I love that ball joke so much. ;)
    It looks like City of Stairs by Robert Jackson Bennett is going to count as my first book of the year, even if I technically started it in December.

  5. Castle Waiting is a quick and fun read, so I recommend it. However, I also adore Juliet Marillier, so I'm all for that. And I'm reading Exquisite Captive myself- when you finish it I can't wait to see what you think! :)
    Personally, I like the Stack of Five but because it gives me parameters. But if it's easier for YOU to have a looser viewer's choice format then you should go with that (because, frankly, reading my book cover color or first letter is just as fun). Really, I just want to continue enjoying the great reviews, which either make me appreciate your taste even more (if it's a book I've read) or give me another book for the wish list (if it's a book I haven't read).

    1. Oh, I've read all of Castle Waiting. This would be a(nother) reread. ;)
      There would still be parameters in a viewer's choice, it just wouldn't be so locked into 5 books on a theme, month after month. In fact, it wouldn't even always be books - sometimes it'd be posts people want to see, or vlogs, etc. Just something to shake it up (but with So5s still in there, sometimes). Right now, I'm thinking that's the best of both worlds.


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