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Saturday, January 31, 2015


Bonus Saturday video!
Here's a look back at what I read in January, and my general thoughts on whether it's a book to get or skip! But this year, with my rewinds, I want to give you an overview of my month in general, so below the video, check out some of my January highlights!

Shadow Scale | Rachel Hartman
Amulet, vol 1 | Kazu Kibuishi
Tuck Everlasting | Natalie Babbitt
Shadowfell | Juliet Marillier
Seducing the Enemy | Noelle Adams
Legend | Marie Lu
Olympians series | George O'Connor
Homemade Decadence | Joy Wilson

Also Mentioned:
Seraphina | Rachel Hartman
Zita the Spacegirl | Ben Hatke
Legend liveshow
Olympians series tour (will go live 2/6)

Some of my highlights from January were:

~Blogging Highlights~

Posts like the new Friday Five feature and BookLooks, where I get to showcase random little things I'm loving (or hating), and work in some photog funtimes, too. And I love (LOVE!) how you guys have responded to things like this, and the general injection of non-bookish me-ness. =D

I did one of my favorite book spine poems to date, so that's cool. And some of you have been trying your hands at them, and that's even cooler!

I've been vlogging, which has been a really interesting experiment for me, and I like how it makes me more aware of what's going on in my life, AND make me try harder at making things happen in my life - we all know I can be a recluse. (And the next vloggy installment will be up on Thursday!)

And I've actually been (mostly) keeping up with my 2015 goals! Anyone who has ever set a New Year's goal or resolution knows what a rarity that is, so woo hoo! February is looking to be a packed month, so here's to hoping I can keep with this trend! ;)

~Life Highlights~

I had a fun day out with my bestie and her fam to the Henry Ford Museum, which you'll see snippets of in the upcoming vlog. I also learned how to make tamales, and made one of the best tasting things I have ever put in my mouth, omg.

I've also fallen in love with the show Hart of Dixie -- a love that was immediately cemented by seeing the Stars Hollow gazebo in Bluebell's town square. It's the same set!

And I've been painting a lot lately, which always makes me happy, so even though I wasn't on instagram too much this month, when I was on, there was a 1/4 chance it had something to do with paint. =D

And for those who ask, yes, I have been writing, and trying to build better habits where that is concerned, and I think I've found the perfect tool for myself to help me do it. It's called WriteTrack, and it works similarly to the NaNoWriMo bar graph, to give you an idea of what you need to write each day to meet your goal, and where you stand. It's simple, no fuss, self adjusting and you can weight the days, and it's basically what I love about NaNo as a motivator, in non-NaNo months. Pretty sweet.

And lastly, I can't get enough of this:

For serious repeat status.  It's excellent live, too.

So, what was your month like? Chat with me in the comments about all of the cool things you got up to this month!


  1. Busy month even if you got stalled out on a book that wasn't grabbing you. I actually had that happen near the beginning with a couple of review books that had to be read at the time, but just couldn't keep my attention. But at least the others were good to decent reads for you.
    I thought that was interesting what you said about the dystopian having to have the solid foundation before moving on into the brilliant stuff that just gets out there. I feel that way about most genres and I had a heck of a time with one book b/c of that.

    1. It *has* to! It's crucial in sci-fi, fantasy and dystopia, I think, because if you're going out of the bounds of what's normal and accepted now, you've got to give the reader a reason to believe it. If I can't believe your general world, the non-fantastic elements, then I'm certainly not going to believe the fantastic ones.

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