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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Impromptu Love Fest #1

Ages ago, I used to have a monthly feature called "Bragging Rights," where I invited people to link up a post or two from the prior month that they were proud of, so that I (and other linkers) could visit them, leave some love, tweet them out, etc., but also just because I think it can be a really good thing to look back at what you've done and be bold enough to say: I did this thing and I'm proud of it.

It fell by the wayside for silly little reasons, as any number of things do, but I've always liked the idea and have been wanting to come back around to something similar. And as I mentioned in my 2015 mission statement, one of my goals this year is fostering and participating in community, so now seems like the perfect time to resurrect it, in a shiny new form...
A little love fest!  Basically, the idea is akin to Bragging Rights — I'm going to post these little love fest linkies from time to time, whenever I'm feeling in need of a good comment spree, and what to know what all you guys are up to.  When I post one, I invite you to link up something that you'd like some love on: a post that you loved, that didn't get enough comments, a vlog you want more people to see, even instagram posts that you think are pretty special and you want to acknowledge!

This isn't like all of those Hop features I see out there, which (aside from giveaway hops, which I think are pretty damn neato), I've never gotten into. Now, I'm not talking about regular memes like Top Ten Tuesday, or even IMM. I mean things that seem to be just for the purpose of dropping a link and gaining a few followers, ala the good ol' I-followed-you-now-you-follow-me. It's like the blogging world's version of a Ponzi scheme; you just keep trying to pull people in, but it's substanceless.  ( And I'm sorry for anyone that offends. If you participate, I get it, and if it works for you, then embrace it. And hell, maybe there's more to the whole thing that I've just missed, but it's just never been for me — I want you to follow me because you want to follow me; and I shudder at the words #followforfollow and #likeforlike...)

So, this isn't one of those. This is purely about community — about recognizing and talking about the awesome things you guys are doing! I can't possibly keep up with everybody, so this is a nice way for you to curate for me the things you think represent you, and you want me (and anyone else who stumbles across it) to see.

I would hope that some of the posts may catch your eye, and your own bookish community may grow as a result, or even that some of you may be inspired to spend a bit of time bouncing around and leaving some comment love, too, in the same spirit of community, but that's not in any way a requirement of leaving a link.
There's no catch.
There are no hoops.
I just want to get to know you better, and want to see what it is that you're proud of, what makes you tick.

And all of that to say: I'd love to come and chat with you in your space! Leave a link below to something you're proud of, or something you think needs a bit more love, and I will do my best to stop by, engage in the convo, tweet it out, or whatever may strike my fancy!

There will be no set schedule to these Love Fest posts, just whenever I'm feeling the need to see what you've been up to, so keep an eye out, but in the meantime, feel free to explore the links and happenings of the people who've dropped in to this Love Fest! =D


  1. Thanks for doing this. I am a fairly new blogger and would love some honest feedback. This was my first ever "reading goals" post. Plus, my dogs are cute to look at.

  2. I love the idea behind this feature! Unlike the majority of weekly memes, each time someone leaves a link it'll always be something different. It's a nice way of seeing a little of everything from vlogs, reviews, interviews, etc. :D


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