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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cool Bookish Stuff

I come across a lot of neato stuff that I feel like I should have been sharing with you all along (bad blogger!). So now I'm going to. ^_^
It's a complete mish-mash I like to call Cool Bookish Stuff.
These posts will be completely sporadic, as I'll share them whenever I'm so full to bursting with cool bookish stuff that I simply must.
If you've seen something cool and bookish you want to see in an upcoming post, email me!

 Cool and bookish #1: Ball gown made out of Little Golden Books!
For realsies.  How incredible is that?  It was constructed entirely of used and discarded Little Golden books + pure genius by Ryan Novelline.  You can check out the entire process here - and trust me, you want to.  It's gasp-making.  I LOVE THE BACK!

Cool and Bookish #2: this a-maz-ing branch bookshelf!
Created by French designer Olivier Dolle for all of the quirky book freaks in the world.  Now, I would need an entire tree, it's true, but OH MAN, I want this!  Can you imagine having bookshelves like this in your room as a kid?

Cool Bookish Thing #3: DIY Chopstick Bookshelf:

You know, for if you can't afford a book branch, or just really like Chinese.  Talk about upcycling!


  1. Love these!!! I wanted a tree in my new(ish)bedroom :)

  2. Oooooooooooooooooooooooooohhh! That dress is sooooooo prettyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! *.*

  3. great feature. such cool bookish schtufff!

  4. Wow! That dress is incredible!!! It's such a great idea to recycle books like that. The bookshelves are awesome too. Great finds!

  5. Oh my gosh my mom is DYING for my dad to make her one of those branch bookshelves! They really are amazing! :)

  6. LOVE the dress. It's so pretty. And cool. The creative process is incredible.

    I like the bookshelves, although I wonder if they really provide optimal shelf space. I'd need a forest.

  7. Who! This stuff is totally awesome! :)

  8. Yeah, that book branch is flippin' awesome. I see my dad's next wordworking project. =) After he finishes my end tables.

    I'm not so sure about the chopsticks... seems sticky and a little gross (being used and all).

  9. I have a vase of branches in my house and I think that branch bookshelf would look just nifty in the same room =)

  10. Little Golden Book Dress = wicked!

  11. Good pictures. I saw a prom dress made from gum wrappers. Amazing but I'm sure they've uncomfortable.

  12. I love the dress and the bookshelves! I want, I want!

  13. awesome post! i really enjoyed it :)


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