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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wild Things YA Reading Challenge

I've been telling you about it for a few weeks, and showing you options (read: pleading for help.) So I give you:

This is exactly as I posted it in the group. If you do not have a Goodreads account, you may not be able to access some of the links, and if you are not a member of Wild Things, you may not be able to get to the treasure trove of links and lists I put together for the challenge; that alone is reason to join. Just saying...
Anyway, enjoy, and remember:
I would love if you participate, even if only to read one book. There is no obligation to finish, or even to intend to.  The challenge is for fun and for something to stretch our reading habits with.  Here is my list that I am absolutely positive I won't be able to finish.
There will be prizes.
Again, just saying...

Here it is, folks. The "Challenging" Challenge.

PLEASE NOTE: This thread is for a discussion of the tasks ONLY. Any changes to these tasks will be updated here, so check the date on this post. There will be a separate thread for everyone’s points as tasks are completed (which will open on the day the challenge starts).

Ground Rules and Notes:
1. The Challenge begins at 12:00 A.M. local time on 1 April 2010 and ends at 11:59 P.M. local time on 30 June 2010; for a book to count for the challenge, it cannot be more than 1/2 read before 12:00 AM on April 1st.
2. This Challenge is just for fun, so make sure you enjoy yourself and all the books you will be reading!
3. All books must be classified as Young Adult or Juvenile Fiction; the only exception to this is if you happen to get 'Adult Books Suitable for YA' in "Genre Roulette." If you local library classifies the book you chose as juvenile-young adult, then the book may be included.
4. All books must be at least 100 pages long to count for any of the tasks, unless you can make a good argument for why it should be allowed.
5. Re-reads are NOT allowed unless you can convince me or it falls into one of the following categories: it is a book you never finished, it is a book you didn't like but want to give another chance, it is a buddy pick, one book of a multi-book task is a reread, etc. The goal is to try new things, not reread old ones, but if you think it fits or feel it's reasonable, it probably is; just ask. :)
6. Audio books and electronic books (unabridged), such as Kindle, all count for this Challenge. Page counts will be according to the GoodReads page count.
7. When reporting completion of tasks, please make note of the number of pages for the first edition listed on Goodreads (as was done in the first challenge) -- this is to keep things fair since there will be prizes awarded. The point-count Leaderboard will be updated as often as I am able or as necessary. If you find discrepancies in the point totals, please notify me. If you change a book to a different task, please notify me. Thank you.
8. "Buddy Bonus" tasks are completely optional, and give an additional 5 points apiece. If every single task and buddy bonus is completed an additional 5 points will be awarded, bringing the point total to 325 points possible.
9. Because this challenge is more "challenging" I am willing to work with people on it. There is leeway. If you absolutely cannot fulfill the terms of a task, alternate options will be provided or you may suggest an alternative that works for you.
10. I have created an email for purposes of communication beyond that provided here. It is WildThingsChallenge4@gmail.com. Feel free to contact me with questions or concerns, or if you come across useful sites and lists.
11. HAVE FUN! This isn't homework. Try to have fun with it, and if you absolutely hate a book beyond the mere "comfort level" thing, pick a new one!

There will be prizes, though I don't know what they will be yet (if anyone has suggestions or wants to donate a prize, email me). I intend to have 2 winners: 1 top point getter (determined by completion date and page count) and 1 random participant. This way, even if you know you can't finish, you still have a chance at a prize.
Prizes awarded are at my discretion.

Please note: Folders have been established for Lists associated with this challenge (to help you find books), for discussion, for point reporting, and for the Buddy Bonuses/Genre Roulette. If You would like to sign up for the Buddy Bonuses, please post a comment in the Buddy Bonus folder.

OFFICIAL SECTION, with a twist (broadening, out of the box, better readers mash-up) (1):
1.5: Read a selection from our group Top Ya Novels list that you previously had no intention of reading.
1.10: Read a book that someone in the group (or on Goodreads) has been "pushing" you to read, but that you've avoided because it's in a genre you don't normally read.
1.15: Read a book from any thread in a folder that you never go into (ie, I have never once opened the mystery folder, or the Religion folder; I would choose a book mentioned in a thread in one of these folders)
1.20: Read a 4- or 5-star book from a WT member you've never conversed with, and then discuss it with them. There are nearly 1,000 of us; scroll to the bottom of the page or click members in the right-hand menu to browse for someone you don’t know. [Please note: you will not be penalized if whoever you pick doesn't respond to you to discuss the book. The goal here is just to browse an unknown members shelves, get an idea for what other people are reading, and read something they really liked and see if you do, too.]
1.25: Read 2 books from a series (or 2 books from 1 author) from a different culture, or in a genre you don't read.
Buddy Bonus +5: Buddy gets to pick 1 book for you to read that fits any of the above. This is in addition to what you read for each task.

2.5: Read any book that is NOT in your native language (ie translated into your language), or that was originally published in another country.
2.10: Spin the globe (or point on an atlas) and read any ya book written by someone from that geographic area, or set in that area. If it lands in your geographic area, respin/point. If you do not have access to a map or globe, message me and I will give you a geographic area to read from. See Challenge 4 Links and Lists folder to help you get started.
2.15: Read 2 award winners from 2 different countries other than your own (ie, the award is from another country; the book does not necessarily have to be). Books do not have to be originally in different languages, etc. Each book just has to have won an award in a country not your own (each book = a different country).
2.20: Read 2 books, 1 fiction and 1 non-fiction, about a real event (current or historical) that is NOT a part of your cultural heritage (ie, took place in another country, revolves around another ethnicity or belief, etc) or that you do not know a lot about (ie Civil Rights movement, Crusades, FGM – whatever you would like to learn more about).
2.25: Read 2 books from 2 cultures/countries that revolve around the same topic or theme (or similar) -- MAY NOT use your own culture/country. Examples of topics and themes: coming of age, death and grieving, humor, young love, etc.
Buddy Bonus +5: You and buddy choose together 1 fairy tale (preferably from another country to read, and 1 retelling based on that fairy tale [tale obviously does not have to be 100 pages long -- together they should meet the 100 page requirement. A good place to start to find an original tale to work with is Sur La Lune].

3.5: Look on GR for "Best of" lists in a genre you don't read, and read something from one of the lists that interests you OR read a book for the monthly pick (April, May or June) for Linda Grace’s Ongoing Challenge. Make sure you mention which option you chose when reporting points.
3.10: Read a book and listen to the audiobook version OR watch a movie adaptation.
3.15: Genre Roulette or Misty Pick! When ready for this task, sign up in the Challenge 4 Sign Ups folder and a genre will be randomly assigned to you for you to choose a book from OR you can request a Misty-pick, and I will choose your book for you from your assigned genre.
3.20: Read any two books from our most neglected folders, LGBT, Multicultural, Non-fiction, or Religion and contribute to discussion. [Note: the book does NOT have to already be mentioned in one of these folders, it just has to fall into the category. Though if it is not, in order to "contribute to the discussion" you should make a thread for it. Yay!]
3.25: Read three books in 3 different non-traditional forms: drama (does not have to be 100 pages), poetry, short story anthology, epistolary/diary, audiobook. In the Discussions thread for the Challenge, briefly tell us whether these forms worked for the story, and what you thought.
Buddy Bonus +5: Buddy looks through your GR shelves and picks 1 book in a genre or style that seems neglected.

4.5: Read any book and write a detailed review that examines what you read, what you thought and felt, and whether you would recommend it.
4.10: Read a ya book and discuss it with or recommend it to a young adult in your life. OR have a young adult in your life recommend a book to you and discuss with them why they like it.
4.15: Ask a YA librarian to recommend their "little known gems" in a variety of genres, read 1, discuss it with the librarian if possible. If you do not have access to a YA librarian, please mention this in the Discussions thread and one will be provided for you via the magic of the internet, librarians in the group, and/or the Librarian List found in Challenge 4 Links and Lists folder
4.20: Read any book dealing with a controversial issue, or a topic that is well out of your comfort zone, and create and post discussion questions for it. See the Banned Books List in the Challenge 4 Links and Lists folder or choose your own book that you deem “well out of your comfort zone.”
4.25: Read any YA book and do 2 of the following:
-- written response to the book
-- drawing or other art form inspired by the book
-- character interview
-- poem
-- make a photo collage or slideshow that represents the book to you
-- make a book trailer
-- make a music playlist inspired by the book
-- Or pitch your own idea!
There are links in the Challenge 4 Links and Lists folder to help you with some of these (such as the photo collage)
When you have done your two things, upload them somewhere and provide links, or email them to me at WildThingsChallenge4@gmail.com and I will upload them to a set Wild Things Challenge account and provide the link to all compiled results at the end of the challenge.
Buddy Bonus +5: Read your buddy's book from 4.20 and answer the questions.

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