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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Be My Guest, Jessica of Jessica's Vision!

Checking into the Hotel Book Rat today, we have Jessica from Jessica's Vision.  Jessica decided to do something I find super fun: she's going to talk to herself.  :)
A hard-hitting, no questions held back, Jessica on Jessica interview; enjoy!

First off I love me some Book Rat so thanks so Much Misty for having me!
I love the idea of Be My Guest especially the Beauty and The Beast Photo Opp.

Who Are ya ? What's Your Blog About ?
My name is Jessica - or Jessi on good days.. ha
I'm a mother first..as soon as my rugrats hit the floor running in the morning.
Then I'm work alcoholic by day and a blogger by night/ Writer.
I'm working on my first novel which of course will feature vampires-werewolves.
Anyway I have a little blog called Jessica's Vision.
Which is completely full of everything from Movies, books, Reviews, & Poetry,
Of course it is mostly YA and fantasy driven.

Favorite Books?
My favorite books right now are the Night World series by L.J. Smith.
Love Blood & Chocolate by Annette Curtis and pretty much anything by Anne Rice

Favorite Movies?
My favorite movies are either horror or comedy anything with Adam Sandler like
wedding singer, 50 first dates i love. Horror its gotta be gory like Texas chainsaw massacre

Favorite Past time other then blogging ?
Well that would have to be writing and playing xbox I'm a total gamer nerd sorta
can't wait for final fantasy to come out for xbox

Something Unique about your blog?
I think that would have to be House-isms.
I'm a big house fan so I added that ever Friday.

Thanks, Jessica!  Or should I say "Jessicas"?  That was fun.  Hope you enjoyed your stay, don't forget to load up on pillow mints and mini shampoo bottles, and thanks for being my guest!

Interested in guest blogging on Book Rat?  Fill out this form: it's quick, it's easy, and it has a sheep!

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