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Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Face Off (11)

This week we have another case of what may be the same cover model. Not quite sure, but if not, these two could sure pass for each other. What do you think? Same girl? Same photo with different edits? And more importantly,
who did it better?


Touching Darkness (Midnighters#2) published 2006
Shelter Me published 2009

Last Week on FFO: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and Follow Me To Freedom went round for round in an incredibly close smack-down, with Extremely Loud pulling out the win.  You thought Follow Me to Freedom was busy and garish, and while I think you're right and agreed with you in the beginning, the more I look at the two, the more I begin to side with the loser.  Hmm...


  1. Shelter Me. The background drives home the sense of fear and isolation :)

    Happy Friday :)

  2. Shelter me. I love the background in the pic and the red gives it just enough color.

  3. Shelter me it is easier to look at.

  4. I really don't know! Can I say neither ;) I guess I'm with everyone else - Shelter Me


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