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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Character Connection: Stefan

Got a little something fun and fresh for you guys today.  My buddy JG is pleased as punch to present a new meme of her very own today, and I of course had to join in and play along.
Back on Vday, you may recall my post about my lit crushes, which was inspired by JGs post.

Well, JG decided to make that a regular thing.
We all know characters have a way of worming their way into our hearts and minds and taking over our brains.  There are the ones you crush on, the ones you wish you knew, the ones you wish you were.  So every Thursday, JG is going to spotlight her fave characters, and invites you to do the same.

It was perfect timing for me, because as you know from this week's Teaser Tuesday, I am reviewing Bone Crossed this week, which is part of the Mercedes Thompson series.  In my review, I intended to tell you about one of my favorite characters, Stefan the vampire.  And then along comes the Character Connection, and what was going to be a little blip in the review is now a full-blown spotlight.
I give you Stefan:

How to describe Stefan?  He makes me feel like I should know him.  He's a centuries old Italian vampire, best of the best, capable of doing things very few can -- and yet, that's not his appeal at all.  He's not some mysterious, all-powerful, intimidating creature.  He drives a Mystery Machine van and wears Scooby Doo tshirts.  He has a modern sense of humor that no centuries-undead creature has a right to have.  He's fiercely loyal and intense, but funny and silly at the same time.  When I read the Mercedes Thompson series, I sometimes riffle through the pages, skimming for a glimpse of the word Stefan, so I know how long it will be until he makes an appearance.  And that's the thing -- he's not even a main focus of the books.  But he shines.
It's not a lustful thing, any kind of literary crush, really.  I just wish I knew him and could call him up on the phone and have Scooby Doo marathons.  I feel like he'd be a great addition in my life, and like everyone should have the opportunity to have funny, frustrating, good-"guy" Stefan in their world.  It's a hallmark of a good writer to make me physically want a character to be real and part of my world, and it's a good bit of the reason I like Patricia Briggs and her Mercedes Thompson.  Stefan is my literary friend, and I want more of him.

Do you have any characters like that?  The ones that you really just wish you knew, so much  that you feel it like a tiny whole in your life?  [she says with unintentional melodrama]
I'd love to hear about them; I'm always on the lookout for a great character connection.


  1. Ah, there's just something about vampires -- very sensual. Nice change from the "Edward Cullan" type.

  2. A vampire who drives the Mystery Machine? Sounds ultra-cool! I really need to get started on that series someday! Thanks for joining in today!

  3. LOL Stefan sounds like one hell of a guy. Really sort of swoon-worthy. I love this new meme.

  4. I literally squealed when I saw your post! I love Stefan. You're right. He's awesome. I mean, a vampire who drives a van painted to look like the Mystery Machine? How awesome is that? I love him as a minor character. I kind of wish Briggs would do a spin-off series and let us see more of his background. Then again, I'm always kind of hesitant to pull for spin-offs because sometimes, they're not done very well. I love this meme! I'll have to give it a shot! :)

  5. I haven't read this but now I'm dying to. I want to meet him!

  6. I haven't read this but I am definitely adding them to my list!! Thanks!

  7. Great choice! I love Stefan and his mystery machine :)


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