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Friday, September 30, 2011

October TBR vlog + September Rewind

 This little mini-video over here is a look back at what I read in September, with a quick thumbs-up/down rating.  You can click it to be taken to a full-size version (or just watch me in miniature. ;P )

And here you'll find the books I'm going to be reading this month (with one exception: I forgot to list Anna Dressed in Blood!)
If you do your own TBR video (or blog post) for the month, make sure to link it up below or add it as a video response on youtube so that everyone can find it!


  1. I didn't know about your TBR but as seeing that is what I posted earlier today I linked up to what I had up.

    Sounds like we are going to both have an epic Halloween reading month.

    I see you have a sign up on my dashboard but when I click it... it says that your blog is no longer there. Odd?


  2. Duuude! AWESOME TBR! I want to read Drink Slay Love so bad! I'm looking up La Femme Fatale and the other by her now!!

  3. I am wicked glad you liked Jellicoe Road. It's one of my favourites of the year/ever as well. Good luck with this months reading- I am looking forward to all the halloween fun.

  4. I love watching TBR pile videos/posts idk why its so addicting but it is!!! Thanks for posting yours Misty!! i always look forward to them!!

  5. Great Halloween month :) I really want to read Drink Slay Love :) I should have tried to squeeze Miss Peregrine's onto this months list, but it's too big as it is (as you can tell by my video...lol).

  6. DRINK, SLAY, LOVE is high on my list for Oct. HOURGLASS is on my list, but not for this month! That cover for RED VELVET AND ABSINTHE is gorgeous! I've never heard of that one! HEX HALL, all right!!!!! Can't wait! I need to check out CHIME again...had to return it to the library! I hope you get to LIESL & PO! It's so so so so SO good!!

    I actually filmed my TBR earlier tonight...hoping to post tomorrow!

  7. Hourglass and Hex Hall are two of my favorite books so I hope you have time to get to them. I'm curious about what you think of Chime... I've had that one on my shelf for a few months!

  8. I finally got around to posting my TBR vlog...Thanks for giving me the idea!

  9. I still need to record my tbr vlog for this month. Uh oh. Haha.

    Anyway, that's a lot of books! Looking forward to your reviews of Drink Slay Love and Miss Peregrine's! Happy reading, and good luck.

  10. So many great looking ones in there. Can't wait to see all those reviews. Happy Reading!


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