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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Book Chat: Sidekicks

I have downed interwebs at home, so this one went up a little late - this may also mean that the start to my Helluva Halloween this year is going to be a little...erratic.

Anywho, here's the Book Chat on Sidekicks. I think Sidekicks are a good bench mark for whether a book is really going to win you over or not. Sidekicks and side characters can make or break a novel.

Feel free to make your own video or blog response and link it up below!
NEXT WEEK: Villains!


  1. I just love to watch your vlogs; they always make me think!! I have to say Ron and Hermione are two of my favorite sidekicks. I don't know if you would consider Jericho Barrons a sidekick from Karen Moning's Fever Series, but I really enjoyed him! He is the type of sidekick that has your back, but doesn't want you to know he has your back.

  2. Some times (and for some odd reason I love when it happens), I love and worry about the sidekick more than the main character.

    Side note: Seriously adorable little hat! SO SO SO cute.


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