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Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Face Off: The Sky is Everywhere

A few people have fervently recommended Jandy Nelson's The Sky is Everywhere to me, but I never felt too compelled to want to own it until I saw the paperback version (middle).  I mean, I had nothing against the hardback cover (left), per se, but for whatever reason, even though the pb version is covered in vines, which are more earth than sky, I just felt drawn to it.  Looking into it, I also like the version with the roses (right) as well...
So what do you guys think?  If you've read it, which suits the story more for you?  If you haven't, which makes you want to pick it up?
Which one did it better?

Last Week on FFO:  A Beautiful Dark and Of Poseidon face off, with Of Poseidon the clear winner.  I have to say, I agree 100%.
Winnah ---->  


  1. I think the middle one... but I couldn't say why! My "runner-up" is probably the one on the left though.

  2. I have the UK hardcover 9which isn't featured here) and I love that cos the way it's structured (with coloured versions of the poems inside) goes perfectly with the book.
    Out of these three, I love the US pb (middle one). It's so pretty. Also like the one with the roses.

  3. The purple one with the red roses. So pretty!

  4. I haven't read it yet but I'd definitely chosen the left cover. I don't know why I like the heart in the middle of the cover. I don't see the book physically though but I prefer this one :)

  5. Haven't read it, but the middle one looks lovely, so I'll go for that :)

  6. Cover #2 is my first pick. I like all the vines and leaves. #1 would be my second choice.

  7. I have not even heard of this book, but I'd go for the middle one. The other 2 look too campy for me.

  8. I'm going with the middle one! I picked that one up at Costco a few months ago in that cover and have been meaning to get to it! It just really catches my eye. So pretty.

  9. I actually prefer the original HC. I haven't read it yet, but it's the one I first saw and am most used to seeing, so whether I like any of the other pictures better, that is the one that will forever be this book to me.

  10. I am really digging the middle one. It might even go more with the book if they put little scraps of paper in the vines. Yet, that might have taken away from the sheer prettiness of the cover.


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