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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday: The Fool's Girl

The Fool's Girl
by Celia Rees

Young and beautiful Violetta may be of royal blood, but her kingdom is in shambles when she arrives in London on a mysterious mission. Her journey has been long and her adventures many, but it is not until she meets the playwright William Shakespeare that she gets to tell the entire story from beginning to end. Violetta and her comic companion, Feste, have come in search of an ancient holy relic that the evil Malvolio has stolen from their kingdom. But where will their remarkable quest—and their most unusual story—lead? In classic Celia Rees style, it is an engrossing journey, full of political intrigue, danger, and romance.

This wholly original story is spun from Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, and includes both folly and suspense that would make the Bard proud. 

I really liked Rees's Witch Child, and I'm really curious to see what she does with the story of Twelfth Night.  Plus, who doesn't love that cover?  It's really intriguing and nicely designed.  I know at least a few of you have read this -- what did you think?
What's on your wishlist? 


  1. Great pick! I've added this one to MY wishlist as well. (:


  2. This one does look great. I've enjoyed Rees's other works "Pirates" and "The vanished"

  3. I adore Shakespeare and Twelfth Night is one of my faves, so I'm always up for an adaptation! I mean -- 10 Things About You? (With Heath Ledger, not the stupid TV spinoff) It was epic! This sounds like a great read!


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