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Friday, December 17, 2010

Random Alert!

Man, when I watch myself back on these things, I don't know why you guys put up with me.  I'm such a dork. I make absolutely ridiculous noises...

I was a good girl, the presents are under the tree.  But I might have peaked at 1.  Or 4.  Kidding, kidding.
But you really should go visit Polish Outlander, she's awesome.

Here's the copy of ICTC that I'm talking about:

Note the lack of Depression-Jodie-Foster-ness...


  1. The book cover thing is maddening...Good luck. You are a patient, wise soul for waiting. I would never have been able to do that! Let us know what's under the paper after Christmas.

  2. Misty, here is a link to where you can buy the cover of ICTC that you want. It would be from Waterstonse, a bookstore in the U.K., and you would have to pay 6 pounds for it plus whatever shipping is, but it's something to consider.

  3. The cover you're after is so pretty compared to those you received.

    No you can't open your gifts til Christmas day. Santa would be so cross and might not leave you any more gifts!

    I on the other hand have opened 5 book gifts today :). But I'm allowed because they were birthday presents and it's my birthday Today! Woo!

  4. Misty - try The Book Depository. Free international delivery and you'll see what cover you're getting... or maybe amazon.co.uk?

    I had that old Jodie Foster cover too - and woah is it depressing. When I first got I Capture the Castle I actually thought it was going to be really gloomy.

    But I got fed up and ordered myself that much prettier paperback and I love it. It really is beautiful and I hope you get it. Maybe it is one of those pressies?

    Only trouble now is that I really want a hardback version of the book. Vintage classics have released many books in special cloth bound hard backs - exclusive to Waterstones but ICTC isn't amongst them! Woe!

  5. In fact here is the link. It is four pound something but I don't know what that'll translate to in dollars.


  6. I have a notification set on Book Depository; mine shows it as out of stock. On top of which, I am so hesitant to buy it from a website now. The books are technically the same, they have the same ISBN, so either cover could be shown, and still end up w/ Jodie Foster...

  7. Hmm but if you buy it new as the pretty cover is the new one it should be that one?

    Pity about The Book Depository being out of stock... Hmm.

    Have you tried amazon.co.uk or would they just send to you a different cover from the US...

    Could go through the Vintage website if that sends international... ah nope.

    As Liz said you could get it from Waterstones, looks like they do deliver int. but of course it might cost a fortune in p&p... you will get that cover though as that old Jodie Foster one is the old one so any you buy now from the UK as far as I know should be that one there.

  8. I like being sneaky :) In a good way of course!


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