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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Fun Fun Fill-in the Blanks: 2010

This was something I stumbled across last year and had a lot of fun with, so I thought it'd be fun to play again.  I'd love to see yours, too, so leave me a link in the comments if you play!

Rules: It's simple, really.  Just answer the questions using the name of a book you've read in 2010.  You can go for serious answers that most closely match what your real answers would be, or you can go with the funniest ones you can come up with for your available titles.  Try not to repeat any titles.  Have fun!

Describe Yourself: Impossible
How do you feel: Changeless
Describe where you currently live:  The House of Dead Maids
If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Oblivion Road
Your favorite form of transportation: on a Lioness Rampant (didn't have much for this one)
Your best friend is: Billie Girl
You and your friends are: Bloodsucking Fiends
What's the weather like: Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow
Favorite time of day: Nightshade
What is life to you: A Little Wanting Song
Your fear: Zombies vs. Unicorns
What is the best advice you have to give: Hush, Hush
Thought for the Day: I Heart You, You Haunt Me
How I would like to die: Murder at Mansfield Park
My soul's present condition: Random Magic

Pretty neato, eh?


  1. I love this! And I'm definitely going to steal it!

  2. Found this through someone who found it through someone else. It's awesome, and I did it!

  3. This was so much fun! My favorite form of transportation was Personal Demons ;D

    Check out my other responses at The Wolf's Den.


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