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Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Years Goals + 2011 Events

I've never been one to make a lot of New Years Resolutions; I know myself too well.   But I do feel like if I say things aloud (or in writing via the interwebs, I guess), and other people know about them, it makes me more likely to feel a sense of responsibility and what have you -- I've put it out there in the world, and now I've got to stick with it.  That was actually one of the reasons I started blogging.  I wanted to remember the things I'd read better, and express how I felt about them, and I kept saying to myself that I should write reviews for them, but it just wasn't happening.  Creating a blog meant that I had to to some extent, or admit defeat.  [Not. An. Option.]

So now I'm applying that same philosophy to the further continuation and success of the blog by sort of, kind of, making resolutions.  In 2011, I will
  1. Try to review EVERYTHING I read.  Even if it's just a mini-review.  I came fairly close this year, but I didn't quite make that goal.  In 2011, I want to.
  2. Complete reviews for books within 1 week of reading them.  I try not to write them directly after, because I need to mull and process, but if I wait too long, it's gone.  And that's usually when a review doesn't get written.
  3. COMMENT!  I read a lot of blogs via Google Reader, but I need to stop being a lurker and comment, dammit!  You all work hard on your babies, and I need to show my support.
  4. Have more consistency in my memes.  I want to try to make sure I always have any memes I participate in scheduled out for a few weeks in advance (at least) so that I don't fall behind when I get busy.  I also want to participate in other bloggers memes more consistently and thoroughly.
  5. Be consistent in general.  This past year, I would go all out on an event (like Jane in June), and then have a huge lag afterwards because I was burnt out and needed a break.  I need to have back up posts ready to go for those blah days, and prepare more adequately in advance of huge events, so when they kick my ass, it will be to a lesser extent.
  6. Only accept review copies for things I think there is a good chance I will like.  I'm sick of being stuck on shitty books.  Even if it is fun to write the rants.
  7. Give up on books if I still hate them after 75 pages.  Fair enough, I think.
  8. Get giveaway prizes out in a timely manner.  Anyone whose ever received a package from me will agree...
  9. Have fun mini-memes, just for the hell of it!  They are a lot of fun even when they are a lot of work.
And on that note, I want to mention a few of them I am considering/planning.  If any of you want to be involved in any of them, comment or shoot me an email.

* Winter Wonderland Weekend ~ a weekend event January 28th-30th, featuring wintery books and winter warm-ups.  Just a fun little something to help shake off the S.A.D. :)  Guest posts/reviews/giveaways welcome, email me if you want in!

* Love Bites! ~ Valentines Day week-long event (Monday, February 7th - Monday, February 14th) celebrating all things love, hate, and love to hate.  Focus on paranormal romance, though contemporary and historical may sneak in, and all genres are welcome.  Again, guest posts/reviews/giveaways welcome, email me if you want in!

* Fairy Tale Fortnight ~ April 17th-30th.  Exactly what it sounds like.  An event revolving around all things fairy tale: old tales, retellings (historical, contemporary, futuristic, whatever!), movies, music, etc!  Guest posts/reviews/giveaways welcome, email me if you want in!

* Jane in June, pt II ~ Through out June.  You may recall last June, when it was all-Jane, all the time here on BR.  Same basic structure, email me if you want in!

* Circus Week, name and dates TBD ~ Sometime in August, most likely.  Just a fun little circus event. Guest posts/reviews/giveaways welcome, email me if you want in!

* Helluva Halloween III ~ Another month long repeat event, with a focus on all things Halloweeny.  As always, email me for deets, or check out the past two years of HH.

I'm also considering doing something in March for my birthday, but so far, no ideas I love, so we'll see.  And there's a super secret event I'll be participating in May that I'm looking forwarrrrd to, so yay! for that.   And who knows what else may pop up.  :D

If you want in on any of the events, email me at mbradenwf [at] gmail [dot] com.  You can also send guest posts/reviews/whathaveyou directly to that address at any point up to the event, and I will look it over and work it in (bloggers and non-bloggers alike are welcome).  If you want to host a giveaway for one of the events, email me the details and we'll work it all out.

What do you have planned for the year to come?  Any resolutions?


    1. fun line-up! looking forward to visiting your site in 2011!

    2. Next year looks awesomely fun!! I just sent you an email about participation in the Fairy Tale Fortnight! I'm very much looking forward to that one!

    3. I have the same goal about leaving more comments. I read everything in my google reader. My problem is that when I leave comments I lose track and don't re-visit and see if the blog author left a response.

    4. My goals are quite a bit like yours, visit more (esp here), review fast-not month later, be more consistent and plan ahead.

      Here's to 2011.

    5. All of the events you have planned sound amazing! I'm already getting ready for Jane In June Pt. II, and I can't wait!

    6. I am going to love the events you are planning. Love Bites, Fairy Tale Fortnight, Jane in June and Helluva Halloween III!! I want in. :)

    7. Can't wait for your events! My goals are to finish off school, get a job, and read the books I already own and review them on my blog. So I'm hoping that next year I can get back into the blog groove and participate more in everyone's lovely events.


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