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Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Vlog #4: January, part 2

Hey, and welcome back to the vlog! Here's a look at what I got up to in the second half of Jannuary, including a trip to the Henry Ford Museum! (Cooler than it sounds, I promise. =D AND it was on MLK Day, so there were cool things going on!)

Chat with me in the comments about what I got up to, and some of the cool things you did in January! And if you missed any of The Vlog, you can catch up here!

Books Mentioned:


  1. Ah, that was a fun video, Misty. Loved meeting your kitties and dog and watching you bake and cook. My cat doesn't play well with others either. I haven't been to Henry Ford in forever. And hey, my yard didn't clear up that nicely on the warm day (its the trees that are great for shade, but not for melting the snow).
    Oh yum on those UPS packages of books!

  2. The adorable pets, the baking, the watercolor skillz, the BOOKS...your vlogs are always so fun to watch :D


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